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The Hell Gate Podcast

For too long, Hell Gate has been stuck to the confines of the humble internet, stringing words together in order to paint a portrait of the city we all love (or just strongly like or feel a deep ambivalence towards).

But recently, Hell Gate has expanded to the audio sphere, with the Hell Gate Podcast.

Every so often, the Hell Gate Podcast comes out and features original audio reporting, from places like the Racino in deep Queens, to a power plant in Ravenswood, to the line for Trump's arraignment.

We've spoken to a rental broker who tells all, we've debated our NYC hot takes, and we've gotten very high on legal (and not so legal) marijuana.

If you like Hell Gate, we think you’ll love the Hell Gate Podcast. We strongly encourage everyone to sign up (but you don’t even have to be a subscriber to listen).

ou can subscribe to the Hell Gate Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you normally consume podcasts.