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The River Hag of Newtown Creek

Greenpoint resident Karolina Zaniesienko has spent the past year fishing the polluted creek—and has created a living diorama of what she's found in a fish tank in her living room.

December 14, 2023

All About That (Striped) Bass, New York’s Most Beloved and Politicized Fish

In which our OnlyFins columnist devotes her life to striped bass.

An Ode to Herring, Once NYC’s Most Abundant Fish

Can the city's fabled herring runs return?

February 17, 2023

The Real Dolphins of New York City

Our fishing columnist contemplates the meaning of dolphin sightings in New York City's waterways.

January 31, 2023

The Mystery of the Fish Living in Riis Beach’s Abandoned Hospital

The future is uncertain for Riis’s Queer Beach and the fish who live there.

October 12, 2022

Breaking the Bass Ceiling at NYC’s Only Freshwater Fishing Tournament

At the fourth annual Prospect Park Battle on the Banks fishing tournament, our columnist tests her skills against some of the city’s best anglers and contemplates being a woman fisher.

August 31, 2022

Supermoon Fishing on the Gowanus

Our OnlyFins columnist contemplates the Gowanus Canal.

Fish Day at Summons Court

Our columnist meets some fishers caught in the Department of Environmental Conservation's dragnet.

Chasing the High: Fishing in NYC

Welcome to OnlyFins, quite possibly New York City’s freshest column devoted to fishing the city’s polluted waters.

May 6, 2022