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The Cops

NYC Comptroller: The NYPD’s $22 Million Gunshot Detection System Flags an Awful Lot of Noises That Don’t Seem to Be Gunshots

Police spent 427 hours in one month alone chasing alerts that didn't turn out to be confirmed gunshots, a new report finds.

June 20, 2024

You’re Not Imagining Things: The NYPD Is Flying Way More Helicopters

Keeping libraries open is cool but have you ever flown a taxpayer-funded chopper to the Hamptons on a summer Friday?

June 18, 2024

City Watchdog: Over 1,200 NYPD Officers Looking for a Promotion Cheated on the Sergeant’s Exam

The City says the cheating didn't actually help anyone pass the exam, however.

Hell Gate Finally Gets NYPD to Explain Why They Haven’t Published Legally-Required Clearance Rates

It was like pulling teeth, and their statement raises even more questions.

Is the NYPD Solving Crimes? Who Knows—Their Last Published Clearance Data Is From 2022

City law requires the NYPD to report its clearance rates quarterly. Under the Adams administration, it just…stopped.

Mayor Adams: Forget About the NYPD’s Protest Settlement, Unpatriotic Outsiders Are ‘Radicalizing Our Children’

A legal settlement requires the NYPD to reform its handling of protests—someday. In the meantime, the mayor is just fine with the department’s heavy-handed approach.

‘He’s Open to Any Ideas We Have’: Mayor Adams Crushed Columbia’s Protests After Attending a Secret Meeting With Billionaires

Chat logs leaked to the Washington Post raise a host of questions about how the raids on student protesters came about

They Had Been Distributing Warm Meals in Harlem for Months. Last Weekend, the NYPD Tried to Stop Them

A mutual aid group had nine members arrested, after cops said they lacked a permit.

May 15, 2024

One NYPD Official Who Has Been Disciplined For Making Dubious Public Statements: Eric Adams

We got Eric Adams's NYPD disciplinary records, and they may explain why the mayor so fiercely defends his loudmouth NYPD officials.

A New Yorker and His Dog Were Swept Up in the Violent Arrests at the City College Protest

Quickly surrounded by NYPD officers in riot gear and with Neptune in his arms, Omar barely managed to hand her off to a stranger.