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Porcelain New York

Rockaway Beach’s Breezy, Rusty Modular Bathrooms Turn 10

The modular units were designed and installed in under 12 months—lightning speed for restrooms in the city.

August 21, 2023

Holy Crap: City Council Aims to Build Thousands of Public Toilets Across NYC

A new bill would direct NYC to create a total of 4,200 public toilets by 2035.

A Glimpse of (Bathroom) Hell in Prospect Park Heaven

The outhouses scattered throughout the park are not ready for summer.

The Only Good Place in Albany Is the Women’s Bathroom on the Second Floor

The politics stink, but at least the bathrooms are nice.

April 24, 2023

Plumbing the Depths of the Manhattan Criminal Court System (Bathrooms)

The facilities of 100 Centre Street might not meet the exacting standards of Donald J. Trump.

April 10, 2023

‘Comfort Stations’ Are Gone (OK???) But How About Building More Public Bathrooms?

"I'd rather there be more public restrooms than a name change."

March 29, 2023

Peeing Is Believing: These Renovated MTA Bathrooms Are Spectacular

The restrooms had been closed for nearly three years. They are reborn.

Guerrilla Toilets Flourish at the Base of the Brooklyn Bridge

While NYC continues to delay its public toilet rollout, "Uncle John" steps up to fill the void.

The Bathrooms in Tompkins Square Park May Be the ‘Worst in North America’

The historically gnarly restrooms are slated for a desperately needed renovation next year.

August 25, 2022