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If You Want a Taste of Heaven You Must Go to East Williamsburg

"There's a lot of love here, and we want everyone to feel welcome."

Freshest Hell


CUNY Professors Explain How Latest Round of Cuts Will Make Things Even Worse For Students

"Some of those CUNY central administrators are viewing the university as a business rather than as an educational institution."

Morning Spew

Carl Heastie Is Getting Ready to Send More People to Jail…Again

Yet again, New York Democrats appear to be buckling to demands for more regressive bail policy. And other news to start your day.

The Cops

Court to NYPD: Stop Illegally Accessing Sealed Arrest Records

After years of litigation, a state judge has given the NYPD a timeline to clean up its act.

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Morning Spew

Show Me The Body Bring Fellow Punk Futurists to Brooklyn Steel

Plus, why is this real estate man crying? And other links to start your morning.

What's Your Deal

Knicks Superfan Shaun Geddes Is Spreading the ‘Postgame Prosperity’ Gospel

Turns out, the Knicks's most beloved and outspoken fan lives in Florida.

$20 Dinner

Nigerian Street Food Meets Fast Food on Nostrand Avenue

Akara House's creation actually vibes more faux chicken sandwich than veggie burger.

Morning Spew

Kathy Hochul Gives Energy Discount to Poor, Needy Amazon

The 10.7 megawatt allocation to a soon-to-be-built Niagara facility comes on the heels of a $123 million tax break for the company.

Leave Your Apartment

Purp Wants You to Bop Along to Some Club Beats

Welcome to Leave Your Apartment, a regular column in which Hell Gate asks one in-the-know New Yorker where to go out in the next two weeks.

The Cops

The Police Budget Prospers As the Police Watchdog Budget Starves

While the NYPD is already $100 million over budget on overtime alone, the City's police watchdog says its own skeletal budget "does not allow the CCRB to function properly."

Fresh Hell

Hell Gate Presents: March Madness of NYC Hot Takes

We don't 100 percent stand by all of these—but we will defend them if we have to.

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