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Shame Upon New York City: Kawaski Trawick’s Killers to Face No Discipline

Five years after police killed Trawick, the NYPD announced there will be no consequences in a late-Friday news dump

Freshest Hell

Vampire Weekend at Their Most Serious and Least Fun

The youthful mischief, the pangs of heartbreak that punctuated them, they're only memories here.

I Never Fell for Flaco. So Why Did I Get a Tattoo of Him?

I was just at Flaco Flash Day at Duke Riley's tattoo shop to report. But then...

And the Winner of Hell Gate’s 2024 March Madness of Hot Takes Is…

You'll never look at someone clipping their nails on the subway the same way.

Steal a Boat in Your Mind and Sail Away on This Playlist

And read these links while you're out there, if you have service.

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Climate Change Is Threatening Some of NYC’s Oldest, Most Majestic Trees

Woodlawn Cemetery is a sanctuary for 6,000 trees, including the Japanese umbrella pine and a weeping beech. But for how much longer?

One Step Behind the Coyotes of NYC

"That’s how you always see them. Running away. I’ve seen more coyote butts than coyote faces."

No Heat, Bathroom Mushrooms, Bees in the Wall: Life Under One of NYC’s Most ‘Egregiously Negligent’ Landlords

“How is it possible that a city, a system, allows landlords to profit from their bad behavior?"

Concert-Related Boomer Phone Abuse Has a Carceral Solution

Boomers fruitlessly maneuvering their gigantic cell phones must be stopped.

The Eclipse Is Over, But the Rochester D&C Strike Is Not

The newspaper's union members say they'll continue to withhold their labor until Gannett gives them a fair contract.

It’s Dean Meminger’s New York City, We’re Just Living in It

The iconic NY1 anchor sat down with Hell Gate to talk about everything from how he approaches covering crime to how he chooses his beloved NYE outfits.

9 Incarcerated New Yorkers Got to Watch the Eclipse; For Others, It Was a ‘Cruel Joke’

"Almost everybody put the glasses on and went to the window to see if they could see it. They all wanted to see it."

My Eclipse Was Almost Certainly Better Than Your Eclipse

Trek through mud for a few hours and you too can be in the perfect spot.

Fashy Posturing and Rich-Kid Juvenilia? That’s Praxis (Magazine)

The group that wants to create an autonomous nation in the Mediterranean has made a magazine.

Blog of Totality: Hell Gate’s 2024 Solar Eclipse Live Coverage

Hell Gate reporters have fanned out across the Empire State to bring you the wall-to-wall eclipse coverage you didn’t know you need.

Flying First Class for Free on Turkish Airlines? That’s Eric Adams’s ‘Way of Flying’

The endless inquiry into Mayor Eric Adams now includes airline tickets, and other links to start your eclipse day.

Jubliee Wants You to Dance Like It’s 4 A.M. in Miami

As the DJ has been doing for years, her party "MAGIC CITY" at House of Yes brings Miami sounds to NYC.

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