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They Want to Clean Up Their Block. The NYPD Won’t Give Them a Permit.

“There’s been violence, and I’m not comfortable shutting down any street in that neighborhood for a block party,” a local cop told the neighborhood group.

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Eric Adams’s Housing Plan Has Some Good Ideas Without Much Urgency

And some links that will definitely fix the housing crisis, for your Friday.

When the Going Gets Tough, Rikers Head Louis Molina Goes to Europe

The guy who has presided over 27 deaths in custody is “sharing best practices on facility management, safety, and security” with his counterparts abroad.

Vagabon Will Return to New York

On her new album "Sorry I Haven't Called", Laetitia Tamko excavated a bodacious new sound from a pit of grief.

This ‘Official’ Citi Bike Anthem Is Horny as Hell

"Citibike" by musicians ZAB and Park Angel had us believing in advertising miracles. Plus, more links for your Thursday.

The House GOP’s Star Witness: Eric Adams

Eric Adams and House Republicans found sitting in a tree, F-E-A-R-M-O-N-G-E-R-I-N-G.

Miami’s El Primo Brings Top-Notch Birria Delights to Avenue A

There's birria ramen, birria smashburgers, birria nachos, and a half-dozen truly excellent birria tacos.

Pry My Commercial Garbage From My Cold, Dead Paws

And more disturbing links for your Wednesday morning.

Fay Victor’s Last New York Record

"Blackity Black Black is Beautiful" is the free jazz vocalist's first solo record, and it brought the Brooklyn native out of the city.

Lawsuit: NYPD Knew Arresting Cyclist For ‘Criminal Mischief’ Was Bogus, But They Did It Anyway

The cyclist is suing the City, the NYPD, and the driver for false arrest in federal court.

Progressives Complain About the Adams Administration But What Are They Going To Do About It?

As progressives begin another round of recriminations of Eric Adams, the question remains: What is the plan?

In Eric Adams’s New York, Almost Everything Is Going in the Wrong Direction

It's now harder to get food benefits, walk safely, use a public pool, or enroll your kid in pre-K.

Summer Minerva Is Queering Italian American Heritage, One Film Screening at a Time

Through her documentary "Summer Within" and pilgrimages to Italy for queer Italian Americans, the artist from Staten Island is bringing awareness of an age-old Italian third gender community to the States.

Hell Gate’s Extremely Nice Endless Summer Sale

A month of Hell Gate for only $0.69? That's nice!

I’m a Baddie (Put Donuts in My Coffee Milkshake)

"The chunks feel gross, but then it's kind of fun. It's like a little game."

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