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Inside the Algorithm: How New York Metro Weather Calculates a 10/10 Day

The objective subjectivity of NYC’s favorite weather guy

Freshest Hell

Morning Spew

It’s Friday, Let’s Blaze It

The president begins the process of marijuana decriminalization, maybe, and other links to start your day.

$20 Dinner

$20 Dinner: New “Urban Hawker” Market Brings The Flavors Of Singapore To Midtown

There are dozens of great $20 Dinner options at the sprawling new food hall. Here are five early favorites.

Nosh Pit

Bye Bye, Bivalve: Dollar Oysters Are Rarely a Dollar Anymore

The once-ubiquitous, delicious "loss leader" is getting tougher to find in NYC.

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Morning Spew

Thursday’s Blazing Sun Beats Down on the Cynical Brow of New Jersey’s Governor

NJ Governor Phil Murphy continues to fight congestion pricing, Mayor Eric Adams thinks asylum seekers are an "assault" on the city, and more.

Morning Spew

It’s Wednesday and We’re Rounding the Bases

New York’s new home run king, and other links to start your interminably cloudy Wednesday.

Morning Spew

Tuesday’s Clouds Weep, For Eric Adams Has Lost Fran Lebowitz

There are meteorological reasons for all this rain but also psychic reasons.


Spooky Libra Season Is Here

It's Libra season, and though this astrologer's long-held opinion is that you should never trust a Libra because they're too friendly, the scales do bring some good tidings.

Morning Spew

It’s Monday and the City Council Might Make Us All Snitches

A new-ish idea to get vehicles out of bike lanes and other links to start your day.

Fresh Hell

Fall’s Hottest Accessory Is the Hell Gate Hat

Yes, the long-awaited, and much vaunted Hell Gate hats have finally arrived.

Fresh Hell

NYC’s War Against Noisy Cars Foiled by Drivers Who Don’t Have Plates

Hell Gate has obtained the results of a pilot program that placed a sound camera at four locations around NYC.

Morning Spew

It’s Friday and Eric Adams Is Against School Segregation But Okay With the Thing That Produces School Segregation

The Adams administration seems pretty okay with school segregation, and more of what we're reading today.

The Cops

NYC Promised Street Vendors More Permits. Instead, They’re Being Harassed by the NYPD

“It feels like they pick on us because they have nothing better to do.”

Morning Spew

Eternal Free Parking Thursdays

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams continues to prioritize parking for cars over everything that makes life good and bearable, and more of what we’re upset about this morning.

Cultural Capital

How a South Brooklyn Synagogue Became a Legendary All-Ages Punk Venue

On Saturday nights, Beth Ahavath Sholom transformed into a place where all were welcome to mosh.

Nosh Pit

$20 Dinner: Filipino Favorite Dollar Hits Brings the Skewer Party to Woodside

Bangers galore await you at this offally good new LA import in Queens.

Morning Spew

It’s Wednesday and City Hall Is Aware the Migrant Tent Isn’t Actually Shelter

The city has broken ground on its tent in Orchard Beach, and other links to start your beautiful Wednesday.

Going Places

The Keepers of Gramercy Park Do Not Like Their New Citi Bike Dock

There might be millions of Citi Bike riders, but there is only one Gramercy Park.

Correct Opinions

If Only There Were Some Sort of Federal Executive That Could Stop Migrants From Being Used As Pawns

The president's response to Abbott and DeSantis’s cruelty has been toothless and enabling.

Morning Spew

It’s Monday and You’re in a Constant State of Redistricting

2020’s dud of a census continues to yield great pleasures.

Fresh Hell

How Eric Adams Made the Crisis of Sheltering Asylum Seekers Worse

A city with millions to spare finds it can’t do the bare minimum, and is asking City employees to volunteer to work with asylum seekers.


Which NY State Lawmaker’s Special Plates Are On This $80,000 Maserati Illegally Parked Outside Zero Bond?

This is an $80,000 Maserati Levante SUV displaying a special license plate only issued to members of the New York State Assembly.

Morning Spew

It’s Friday, Don’t Ask Too Many Questions About NYC’s New Camps For Asylum Seekers

NYC is building camps for asylum seekers, city council redistricting clusterfucks, and more end-of-week news.

Morning Spew

It’s Thursday and Queens Is Reaching for the Stars

The borough’s first planetarium is set to be announced today.

Nosh Pit

$20 Dinner: Dave’s Hot Chicken Hits Midtown With Some Seriously Good Bird

The Drake-adjacent West Coast chain opened its first East Coast restaurant in Midtown last month.


The State of Recycling in New York City Is Extraordinarily Grim

And as for organic waste? "We divert virtually none of it, less than one percent." 

Morning Spew

Wednesday Morning Is the Ideal Dinnertime

The NYT reports on a dining trend, Governor Hochul’s a fan of Big Brother, and more news we’re contemplating.

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