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NYC Will Pay Millions for Locking Up People Who Had Already Paid Bail, But It’s Still Doing That

As the City settles a major class-action lawsuit, it’s still dragging its feet releasing people who have posted bail.

Freshest Hell


Prepare Yourself for Sagittarius December Doldrums

It's December at last, which means New York's indisputable worst month (November) is over.

Morning Spew

It’s Wednesday and We’re Involuntarily Confining People to Conceal Our Societal Failures Again

Eric Adams announces a huge policy shift before jetting off to Greece and Qatar, and more links for your day.

Eternal City

Henry Hill Slept Here: My Journey Through the ‘Goodfellas’ Locations of NYC

The tour’s locations capture a relatively ungentrified slice of deep Brooklyn and Queens, where mobsters once reigned like kings, hijacking and stealing and paying off the cops...And now it’s all over.

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Morning Spew

It’s Thursday and the MTA Is Yet Again Staring Into the Abyss

Albany to NYC Subways, Drop Dead? And other links to start your day.

Going Places

The Bizarre and Riveting Sport of Race-Walking in NYC

"It’s a contest to see who can whisper the loudest. You’re flirting with running, just gotta keep getting right up to the edge."

Morning Spew

It’s Tuesday and Personally I’m Thrilled to See My Tax Dollars Supporting Massive Payday Loans

Capitalism is truly running out of places to extract profit, and other links to start your day.

Locked Up

Incarcerated Women Wonder When Governor Hochul Will Actually Start Using Her ‘Overhauled’ Pardon System

The governor hasn't issued a commutation or a pardon since boasting of major changes this summer.

It’s Monday and Eric Adams Has World Cup Fever

The Mayor takes a totally necessary trip to a migrant-killing kingdom, and other links to start your day.

Critters of New York

How Feral Turkeys Took Staten Island

The turkeys have now outlasted three term-limited Council members, the Staten Island borough president, one governor, one mayor, one assemblymember, and two members of Congress involved with their removal. 

Morning Spew

It’s Wednesday, and We’re Banning Crypto Mining

New York leads again on stopping a specific type of wasteful pollution, and other links to start your day.

Morning Spew

It’s Tuesday and I Would Also Be Eric Adams’s Friend for $241,000 a Year

Plus: Two secret reports and an oddly austere budget given how many well-paid appointees are running around City Hall

Eternal City

You Can Now Bid on Some Truly Useless Stuff Owned By NYC Mayors

Mayors cannot take their gifts home with them. So now it’s up to the city to auction them off.

Nosh Pit

It’s a Miracle Your Favorite Local Bar Still Exists

Rent, product, payroll...sand? Restaurant margins are infamously tight. The pandemic era has made them tighter. 

Locked Up

Why 18 Deaths in Custody This Year Isn’t Enough to Take Control of Jails Away From NYC

"Change has to come from the inside," the NYC Correction commissioner told a federal court Thursday.

Morning Spew

Fridays Are For Liberating Giant Warehouses of Legal Marijuana

Some not-so-quiet qutting is happening at City Hall, plus another update on the massive shiny soccer stadium thing.

The Cops

The NYPD Held a 28 Minute Meeting About Public Safety in Tompkins Square Park

"We're not gonna solve the problems of the world! We just want the park closed at midnight!"

$20 Dinner

$20 Dinner: Olly Olly Brings Some Nice Oddball Vibes To NYC’s Resurgent Food Hall Scene

The suddenly high-stakes world of NYC dining finds a counterpoint at the once-lowly food hall.

Morning Spew

It’s Thursday, and Rikers Has Another Day in Court

Let’s find out if a judge thinks that a jail that has taken the lives of eighteen people this year needs more time.

Fresh Hell

Four Big Unanswered Questions About NYCFC’s Ginormous Queens Soccer Complex

Mayor Eric Adams declared himself "the finisher" when he announced the $780 million soccer stadium, but he finished his press conference without answering these questions.


‘A Culture of Disposability’: New School Part-Time Faculty Go On Strike

At a school where nearly 9 in 10 faculty are part time, instructors say administrative bloat is misallocating the school's resources

Morning Spew

It’s Wednesday and NYC Is Gambling With Queens Again

The world’s borough gets another stadium (and casino?)


Why Hasn’t Governor Hochul Signed the Crypto Mining Moratorium?

After a campaign flush with donations from disgraced crypto kingpins, a bill to ban polluting cryptomining sits on the governor’s desk.

Eternal City

Video: How to Cross the Street at the NYC Marathon

Three filmmakers capture moments of extreme grace and tragic hubris.

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