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Prakash Churaman, Locked Up for Years on Charges the Queens DA Has Since Dropped, Sues NYC For $25 Million

“Mentally, I’m not free. For me to adjust to society, it’s hard,” Churaman told Hell Gate.

Freshest Hell

Morning Spew

These Emails Are Not Great for the ‘Preface’ to Andrew Cuomo’s Comeback Story

Our former governor should have just hired an actual ghostwriter, and more links.


When Spider-Man Lived in Forest Hills

The letters to Spider-Man were either a great cosmic accident, or a joke.

Going Places

Train Lovers Test Grand Central Madison: ‘It’s Amazing’

Yes, Grand Central Madison is late, but we mustn’t let that overshadow trains. Oh, glorious, glorious trains.

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Morning Spew

Snow Is Not as Good as You Remember It

And more snow-free links for your Friday.

$20 Dinner

This Is a Good Time: Hainan Chicken House in Sunset Park

The new restaurant features a first rate version of Hainanese chicken rice and delightful Malaysian soups.

Locked Up

Why Is the Head of NYC Jails Endorsing a Debunked Fentanyl ‘Myth’?

An alleged fentanyl poisoning happens in the midst of a debate over whether to ban physical mail in NYC jails.

Morning Spew

14 Years Late, East Side Access Is Finally Set to Open

A project that has outlasted its reasoning and its proponents will finally see the light of day—can it be salvaged?

Going Places

NY Officials: Someone Should Do Something About All These Deadly Crashes

What will it take for the Department of Transportation to finally address the mortal danger on Ninth Street?

Morning Spew

Snow? Soon?

A bonafide wintery forecast may be the only "good" news we have to bring you today.

Cultural Capital

What Happens When NYC Defunds Libraries

Libraries are already short-staffed. What will happen if their budgets are cut even more?

Morning Spew

RIP Regal Union Square, Another Awful Movie Theater That We All Loved to Hate

Another terrible yet beloved movie theater is set to close, and more links for this sad Friday.

Staying Alive

CityMD Will Back Down on COVID-Test Billing, Attorney General Says

A letter from the New York Attorney General's office says the medical clinic chain will stop hounding people who received COVID tests for payment, and will reimburse those who have already paid.

$20 Dinner

New Bed-Stuy Bar Boasts Beautiful Burger

Three Maples, from the trio behind Landhaus (RIP), opened last week on Fulton Street.

Morning Spew

Eric Adams’s Correction Department Makes It Even Harder to See What’s Happening on Rikers Island

A Department of Correction shift comes after damning reporting, and other links to start your day.

The State of New York

Will Governor Hochul Go to War With Her Own Party to Save Her Judicial Nominee?

"The more the governor doubled down, the more it became an issue about the separation of powers."

The State of New York

The City Has No Idea What to Do With Unlicensed Weed Bodegas

At a hearing on Wednesday, the City Council wrestled with a central contradiction of the state's embrace of an equity-centered approach to weed legalization.

Morning Spew

Eric Adams to City: VAGINA

Some thoughts on the prudes standing in the way of the mayor's feminist agenda, and other items to start your Wednesday.


The HarperCollins Strike Approaches 50 Days: ‘$45K Is Just Not Enough to Live on in NYC’

“We believe that this is our only opportunity to make real change in this industry," union chair Laura Harshberger told Hell Gate.

Paying Rent

No Heat, Bathroom Mushrooms, Bees in the Wall: Life Under One of NYC’s Most ‘Egregiously Negligent’ Landlords

“How is it possible that a city, a system, allows landlords to profit from their bad behavior?"

Morning Spew

Adams Austerity Budget Brings the Pain

Money for police, but less for libraries. Heavy-handed symbolism of that nature and so forth.

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