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What Was the Point of NYC Councilmember Vickie Paladino Tweeting This Video?

The video appeals to both the simmering grievances of certain homeowners, and because people enjoy seeing Paladino get a taste of her own medicine. 

Freshest Hell

Cultural Capital

Love All: More New Yorkers Are Discovering the Joy of Tennis

Fitness, fashion, fun, if you can stand the wait for a court.

Critters of New York

Humpback Whales Are Having Too Much Fun in NYC

As sharks and humans are having a tough time in the city’s waters, the whales are going off.


Half-Steps and Abandonment: The Failure to Integrate NYC Schools

In “The Battle Nearer to Home: The Persistence of School Segregation in New York City,” Lehman College professor, and DJ, Christopher Bonastia looks at the history of school desegregation efforts and the reasons behind their failures.

Morning Spew

It’s Tuesday, Check Out These Correction Officers Throwing a Party at Rikers Island

As people continue to die at Rikers, those who run the City's notorious jail get booze, white tablecloths, and thrones.

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Morning Spew

Mondays Are For Sending the Crazy Rich Prosecutor to Congress

Also: $20 for crudites vegetables? What is Joe Biden even DOING down there?


The Best NYC Season is Empty Time Summertime

Summer’s homestretch is New York’s greatest season, time to take advantage.

Fresh Hell

Sad Scene at the Big Cool Illegal Pool

Who built this extremely cool, extremely dangerous pool?

Morning Spew

It’s Thursday, and We Need to Talk About Water

“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” –Derek Zoolander

Eric Adams

A Cancer Diagnosis is Not Enough to Work From Home in the Adams Administration

While NYC's private sector has largely embraced a hybrid work schedule, the mayor has taken an increasingly hard line on getting municipal workers back into the office.

Fresh Hell

While Politicians Use Asylum Seekers to Score Points, NYC’s Mutual Aid Groups Are Actually Helping Them

City government has taken a backseat to the efforts of volunteers, who are trying to help migrants navigate New York’s shelter system and land on their feet.

Correct Opinions

Sorry, This Is Not a Salad

The New York Times wants us to believe that cutting up four avocados and tossing some oil and herbs on it is a salad.

The Cops

NYPD Officer Who Brandished Gun at BLM Protesters Avoids a Trial

The City declined to represent the officer, but taxpayers are still on the hook for his bill.

Fresh Hell

New York’s Delivery Class Is Just Trying to Stay Cool

The city’s delivery workers are braving deadly weather conditions, again .

Morning Spew

It’s Tuesday, So You Must ‘Release the Beef’

A Queens man and the owner of an animal sanctuary find themselves in some legal trouble, the Brooklyn Democratic Party continues to be the Brooklyn Democratic Party, and everything else we're thinking about today.

Going Places

How to Get Rockaway Rocket-pilled

Will expedited ferry service to the Rockaways save the City’s money-suck of a ferry system?

The State of New York

Madison Square Garden and Hudson Yards: Match Made in Hell or So Crazy It Just Might Work?

What would it cost to undo one of the city's great historical mistakes? And is it even worth it?

Morning Spew

Another Hot One in the Big Onion

Summer Streets, the race for NY-10, and other stuff we're thinking about.


What the Hell Is Going on With NYC Schools Funding?

Parents, educators, and public school advocates have spent the summer battling for the restoration of funds.


Sarahana Shrestha, DSA’s Hudson Valley Primary Winner, Has a Message for NY Progressives

“There’s just too much focus on New York City. There’s no other way of putting it. And the fact is, if we don’t have a statewide strategy, if we don’t have a statewide movement to broaden our progressive coalition, we’re not going to win.”

Correct Opinions

Please, WNYC, For the Love of God Get Rid of ‘Meditation Minute’

What if we would very much like to not think about our corporeal existence?

Eric Adams

Eric Adams’s Super-Criminal Fever Dream

Like any good cop, the mayor is good at manufacturing a threat. 

Nosh Pit

The Future of Open Restaurants Is Somehow Still Wide Open

Lawsuits, more lawsuits, and a ceaseless pandemic might mean the glorious sheds remain during a steamy summer and possibly into infinity.

Cultural Capital

Splendor and Destruction on the Gowanus

A floating barge on the Gowanus becomes the unlikely but inevitable site for a musical meditation on climate change and what comes after.

Fresh Hell

There’s Still 50 Coffee Filters of Summer Left

"Time is money" is a thing that people like to say but those people should try actually holding time in their hands this way, dozens of crisp filters pressed together like a literal wad of cash.

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