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Going Places

With a Summer of Painful Shutdowns Looming, Can the G Train Get Back to Forest Hills?

What it will take for the the MTA's most-neglected line to finally return to glory.

Is Congestion Pricing Really a Threat to Manhattan Restaurants?

Eater NY seems to think so. So we spoke to some owners and did some basic math.

January 10, 2024

There Will Soon Be a Lot More Citi Bike E-Bikes

Lyft gets its e-bike expansion, but no actual money from the City.

November 3, 2023

Please Don’t Shoot Moynihan Station’s Acre-Sized Skylight With a BB Gun

Moynihan Station's sidewalk shed will be gone much faster than most sidewalk sheds.

November 2, 2023

NYC Is the City of Yes For Drivers Who Run Red Lights and Speed

Fifteen speeding and red light tickets in a year? No problem.

October 27, 2023

‘People Are Dying on the Streets in Record Numbers and He Doesn’t Give a Shit’

As cycling deaths soar, New Yorkers urge Mayor Eric Adams to make the streets safer, right now.

MTA’s 20-Year To-Do List: Fix All the Ancient, Busted-Ass Stuff, Then Maybe Some New Subway Lines?

Here's what the MTA is going to focus on for the next generation or so.

October 5, 2023

Congestion Pricing Conundrum: How Much Should Drivers From Long Island & New Jersey Pay?

The bureaucrats charged with setting the congestion pricing plan consider their most delicate task.

The JFK AirTrain Finally Has OMNY But There’s Just One Catch (You Can’t Use It Yet)

The awful system is still awful but will be slightly less awful soon?