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Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd is a Xicana writer and editor currently at work on her first book, about growing up in Wyoming and the myth of the American West. She lives in Brooklyn with two cats and a man.


Williamsburg Changes, But Toñita Still Reigns

For 50 years, Maria Antonia "Toñita" Cay has overseen the Caribbean Social Club in Williamsburg. It's now the last Puerto Rican social club in Brooklyn.

It’s Dean Meminger’s New York City, We’re Just Living in It

The iconic NY1 anchor sat down with Hell Gate to talk about everything from how he approaches covering crime to how he chooses his beloved NYE outfits.

‘Young People Saved Me’: Lucy Sante on Gen Z, the Virgin Mary, and Drugs

Sante is a legend, incisive and unsentimental, and she does not soften her renowned critical eye when turning it selfward.

Washington Square Park is NYC’s True Religion

The park is New York's greatest, weirdest gathering place, and since the pandemic began to ease up in 2021, it's only gotten weirder, better, and more jubilant.