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The Evil Brooklyn Tower Is in Foreclosure? I Must Possess It

Woe unto those who would claim such a totem as their own, except me because I can absolutely handle it.

(Kidfly182 / Wikimedia)

The news wasn't really shocking to those who know about the corrupting force of power, obsidian-dark magick, and also, the problems posed by persistently high interest rates for real estate developers—specifically, the inability to pay back people to whom you owe money

Michael Stern, the founder and managing partner of JDS Development, which built the Brooklyn Tower (a deeply malignant structure that cannot be truly possessed by anyone, much less meted out as "condos"), has fallen behind on his $240 million loan from Silverstein Properties, which has now moved to foreclose on Stern.

Stern was having trouble convincing many people to buy the very expensive apartments in the building, at a time of high interest rates (NY Mag reports that just 18 of 148 condos have been sold so far). Now, the developer and financier Larry Silverstein, who loaned Stern some of the money for the project, is in prime position to seize the entire tower. 

Silverstein is no stranger to deeply cursed real estate, but who wouldn't be attracted to this Tower of Doom? Sure, only perdition lies ahead for those who seek to own such a structure of obstinate ill-will, but also, who can tune out the hurried voices from the deep that beckon them to draw closer, to run their hand across its night-black facade, to gaze from on high upon their enemies, mere specks in a secret design of which you now hold a cipher? As your vision grows clearer, the voices louder, one begins to wonder—are you seeing or are you simply being watched? 

Your gaze turns to the skies above the tower, as if anything could exist above its own magisterial might. How long have you been here? Does Larry still own the loan? As you ascend, the atmosphere is thinner, your vision clearer, flood, fire, a finely tuned quake, and then, the breathtaking cosmic choreography—the eclipse. For minutes that might as well be eternity, a dimming. But there is a deeper darkness there—the tower. The tower, as ever. The tower, eternally. The tower, the tower, the tower. 

Anyways, I would like to possess it, and would like to make an offer on this deeply sinister and seducing piece of New York City real estate which speaks to me in a tongue not of this age nor realm. I think I can get a loan (or so the voices from the deep tell me), so Larry, give me a shout when you have a second, would love to talk shop. 

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