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Another Meal at the Eric Adams Table of Success

Part two of our roundtable discussion of our new interactive project, the Eric Adams Table of Success.

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Last week, we launched the Eric Adams Table of Success, an interactive site exploring dozens of people who are in the mayor's orbit, their connections to each other, and why it all matters.

As part of its release, we recorded a special two-part episode of the (still mostly on hiatus) Hell Gate Podcast.

In part one, a roundtable of Hell Gate writers discussed Eric Adams's connections to the world of business, who's who in his campaign, and who he parties with.

Now, for part two, the gang is back together to discuss the mayor's connections to the world of nightlife, exactly who does what at City Hall, and his cop friends who know him from way back in the day.

Please be sure to check out the whole Table of Success project here. Happy holidays from Hell Gate!

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Drop us a line and tell us what you think of this special episode, and, again, please check out the full Table of Success project here. If you enjoy the podcast, give us a five-star rating and tell your friends about it—and please subscribe to Hell Gate so we can make more!

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