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Morning Spew

Come Get Your Hot, Fresh Primary Election Results

A heaping serving of local politics for your Wednesday morning.

An abandoned industrial building on one of NYC's waterways.
(Hell Gate)

When we look back on June 2023—which is how we all typically reminisce, in month-by-month increments—we'll remember a few blockbuster events: the Titanic-bound billionaire submarine implosion; the (gulp, first) time particulate matter turned our city's skies the color of Thai iced tea for a few horribly unhealthy and eerily photogenic days; and, obviously, the time a very small number New Yorkers came out to vote in yesterday's weird, redistricting-prompted primary election. 

No telling how everything else will look when crystallized in the amber of history—are we going to feel weird about those submarine memes or not?!!?!?!?!?!—but, at the very least, most of the primary results are in. Here's a little cheatsheet of how the most interesting races turned out, whether you're genuinely interested in how the wheel of democracy turns in the city or just, I don't know, trying to impress someone who works at a nonprofit.

District One, Democratic primary, Lower Manhattan

A scary light-up truck (and a general atmosphere of downtown fear-mongering) couldn't stop Progressive Caucus member and incumbent Christopher Marte from holding on to his City Council seat.

District Nine, Democratic primary, Harlem

After incumbent Kristin Richardson Jordan officially dropped out of the primary race in May, voters in this Harlem district came out in force for Central Park Five member Yusef Salaam, and snubbed the only politician Eric Adams endorsed in the entire City Council election, Assemblymember Inez Dickens. This is the election result that made a certain Hell Gate team member send a Slack message at an ungodly 5:12 a.m. this morning.

District 26, Democratic primary, Queens

Labor isn't into her, she's sparked backlash from the left, but voters in Long Island City, Sunnyside, and Woodside kept incumbent Julie Won in her City Council seat. That's right—we're better than a pun, here.

District 41, Democratic primary, Brooklyn

In this Central Brooklyn district that includes parts of Bed-Stuy, Ocean Hills, and Brownsville, incumbent Darlene Mealy emerged victorious over her biggest challenger, Isis McIntosh Green, who out-fundraised Mealy. Congrats to Mealy, who beat the "not doing any work at her job" allegations. May we all be so lucky this summer.

District 42, Democratic primary, East New York

Incumbent and longtime socialist activist Charles Barron is expected to lose to challenger Chris Banks in what feels like the literal end of an empire—Barron has been a NYC elected official for more than two decades, spending time both as a City Councilmember and a member of the New York State Assembly.

District 43, Democratic primary, South Brooklyn

In South Brooklyn's new majority-Asian district that encompasses Sunset Park, Gravesend, and Bensonhurst, Susan Zhuang won an incumbent-less race. Whether that is because of the "Republican in the streets and Democrat on the ballot sheets" message she was caught spreading while doorknocking—the New York Post reported that she told a voter that her ideas were "of the Republican Party" and that she chose to run as a Democrat for electability reasons—remains to be seen.

District 47, Republican primary, Bay Ridge

It's an incumbent-off for this district, as current City Councilmember Justin Brannan will officially face Ari Kagan in the general election. A little two-year-long porn-related website hack is not a political death sentence, and I think that's beautiful.

Hungry for more local politricks? Here's a more detailed breakdown of the most competitive City Council and district attorney races through City & State, and if you're a real election freak, you can get the full slate of results on the City's Board of Elections website

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