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Morning Spew

Mondays Are Cold Again

November is a land of climate contrasts, Eric Adams is still a Crystals Guy, and more links!

Morning over a still Gowanus Canal.

(Hell Gate)

Global carbon emissions are on track to rise more than 10 percent by 2030, despite the fact that they must decline by 43 percent in order to avert a much hotter, meaner world. These facts, coupled with the fatal floods that have been hitting our sea-level city with devastating frequency, should imbue New Yorkers with a healthy sense of climate urgency.

But there's nothing quite like wearing shorts in November to really drive the point home. Even Endless Summer heads get unnerved when the sun sets before 5:00 on an 80-degree fall day. It's just not right. Look at these record-breaking November temperatures then look a toddler in the eye and tell them they're going to be OK.

If you've left your bed today, you know that temperatures have cooled significantly, and perhaps have swung too far in the opposite direction: The National Weather Service notes that we may see some snow on Tuesday if the cold front dips below the Slash Index.

More seasonable links for the beginning of your week:

—You know who's probably really feeling this chill? All the Democrats who were just getting fucked up with lobbyists in Puerto Rico.

—A Staten Island man's inherited condo penthouse extension has somehow landed him on Rikers, because a judge found him in contempt of an order to demolish it. Just demolish your weird ass glass penthouse bonus room dude!!!

—Thanks for building this new car lane, DOT!

—The cop son of former NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea was promoted to detective from patrolman after just 18 months on the job, and the Post's cop sources are pissed. The NYPD defended Richard Shea's promotion by pointing out that the department has a detective shortage. Our favorite take comes from this former NYPD lieutenant: "I'm not saying not to hook your kid up, I'm saying just make it look good." Amen.

—The mother of a 10-year-old was arrested after she allowed her kid to get his own name tattooed on his arm. Putting aside the propriety of allowing a child to get a tattoo: You're gonna let him get his own name? Not a dinosaur or an astronaut or a race car or any of the shit that adults get tattooed on their bodies?

—Disciplinary rules for correction officers have been watered down.

—Every single county in New York lurched rightward in Tuesday's election.

And finally, it's time to revisit Hell Gate's essential coverage of Eric Adams, Crystal Guy, because...

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