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It’s Snowing!


4:58 PM EST on January 16, 2024

Snow in Tompkins Square Park in New York City.
(Hell Gate)

They said it wasn't going to happen. They wanted us to prepare for a winter sans wonderland. They tossed around phrases like "humid subtropical climate" and "snow-loss cliff." But look outside and feast your eyes on what's falling from the sky, right at this very moment. It's not rain; it's not sleet, and it's definitely not the scourge that is the "wintry mix." [Editor's Note: It might be a wintry mix, depending on exactly where you are in the five boroughs.]

Text your loved ones and grab your umbrella, because it's officially, finally SNOWING in New York City. 

Technically, the city saw the end of its 700-day snow drought on Monday, when the National Weather Service recorded 1.4 inches of snowfall in Central Park and New Yorkers woke up to a thin layer of powder coating cars and streets and scaffolding and benches across the city. 

Not only is it snowing right now, as of this writing, but it's slated to snow again at the end of the week, according to meteorologists—to which Hell Gate says, fuck yeah! Snow! Still, the latest advent of snow in New York City does feel like we're pushing back the inevitable, what with barreling climate change and our leaders undercutting progressive, sweeping climate policy like Local Law 97. 

Obviously, not everybody enjoys winter weather. Does snowfall make for an irritating commute, a more arduous coffee run? Sure—if you're suffering from a deficiency of joy in the little things (or if you have a super who doesn't salt the sidewalk). But might I suggest taking a note from the dogs and children in your life and enjoying it instead? You might hate it when it's slush, but I can almost guarantee that you'll miss it when it's gone.

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