Introducing Hell Gate’s Advice Column, ‘Oh, Hell’
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Introducing Hell Gate’s Advice Column, ‘Oh, Hell’

Because we all need some help sometimes. Send us your questions!

Living in New York City is challenging, even in the best of circumstances (like living alone in a rent-stabilized apartment with only, blessedly, your dog and your vape pen as company). Ethical dilemmas, interpersonal dramas, and moments so embarrassing you want to shoot yourself into the sun inevitably arise from existing in a city of millions. 

But where in our great metropolis can you turn to for sensible, practical advice on how to address situations like, "Help, I accidentally disrobed in front of my bedroom window only to see my neighbor staring right at me from his backyard and now every time I see him, it's extremely awkward," or "What is my ethical obligation to this total stranger who accidentally sent an Amazon package to my address, especially when I opened it and it's something I would use?"

Nextdoor? Ha! Friends? Love them, but no (can you really trust them to be impartial?). Your therapist? You're not paying her $400/month to help you figure out the small yet pesky dilemmas in your life (she has bigger problems of yours to deal with).

That's why later this month, Hell Gate is debuting our advice column, "Oh, Hell" where we will tell you, our dear readers, what to do with your life. No topic is too small, no question is too weird—ask away!

Send your queries to with the subject line, "Help me, Hell Gate," and your plea for assistance may be featured in a future column.

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