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NYC’s Budget Watchdog: Making Migrants’ Lives Miserable Has Costs Too

And more news for your Thursday.

(Hell Gate)

On the heels of a critical report by Comptroller Brad Lander on the Adams administration's chaotic and bungled rollout of its 60-day shelter limit for migrant families and a bit of extremely on-brand mild racism directed at migrants from Mayor Eric Adams himself, comes a new study by the Independent Budget Office on the unintended costs of kicking people out of shelters and bouncing them around the city—costs that the budget watchdog says are not being factored into the savings that the administration touts from its shelter stay limits. 

The IBO, the agency wrote, "has estimated up to an additional $2 billion in negative consequences for a year related to these exit policies across three categories: healthcare costs, overall economic impact of missing work authorization, and increased transportation costs for school children." The largest chunk of that $2 billion estimate comes in the form of impacts to the local economy—up to $1 billion in lost economic activity due to migrants missing out on work authorization thanks to the fact that, as the group wrote, "individuals' addresses are constantly changing and mail cannot be received" as they are forced to move from shelter to shelter. An expected increase in street homelessness will lead to higher healthcare spending, the IBO noted, and forcing families with school-age children to move every 60 days will likely lead to higher busing costs. 

"The City has incorporated its current exit policies into its budget estimate as though its current and evolving exit policies will result in a total savings, without estimating the negative consequences generated by this management strategy," the IBO noted. 

Hmm, it's almost as if treating migrants and asylum seekers like a burden is short-sighted, and welcoming our newest residents is not only the right thing to do, but good for the long-term health of New York City

The Adams administration is also overestimating the City's spending on migrants next year as well as in 2026, according to the agency's analysis. 

(Independent Budget Office)

In yet another blow to the mayor's fuzzy austerity math, the IBO recently estimated that the City actually has a more than $1 billion budget surplus for next year: 

And some links that are good for your long-term health:

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