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For Democrats, It’s Another Manic Monday

The Democrats find themselves with a completely self-inflicted wound and other totally, totally shocking Monday links.

9:15 AM EDT on October 24, 2022

Mr. Autumn Dog. (Hell Gate)

The most consequential election of 2022 probably happened in 2021. 

That was when New York voters rejected a slate of changes to the state's constitution that would have made it far easier to vote, finally bringing New York in line with other pro-democracy states like California and Nevada. These changes would have allowed people to do extremely simple things like register to vote on election day, and would have paved the way for voters to easily vote by mail, instead of having to come up with an excuse every single time. 

Given that 2021 was a general election without real stakes for Dems (they had already nominated a Republican for mayor anyway), the state's moribund and deeply corrupt Democratic Party failed to put much of an effort behind passing the voting initiatives, rarely even attempting to explain why they were needed. But the state's Republicans, worked up post-Trump and determined to make sure that as few people vote in elections as possible, were out there messaging on the voting bills. Accordingly, the proposals all went down in flames

Now, Democrats are in deep freak-out mode about a couple of polls that show Long Island xenophobe Lee Zeldin gaining traction in the governor's race. They should be freaking out, but not because of Zeldin's still remote chances—they're possibly about to lose all those voters activated during the Trump administration that helped finally usher in a Democratic majority in Albany.

It's unlikely that Dems will once again attempt to get the voting changes into the state's constitution, especially as the state is now mostly ruled by a reactionary top court (that the Dems themselves installed). Instead, as state leadership continues to turn off younger Democratic voters (who like things like vote by mail!), Democrats themselves are set to spoil or turn back recent momentum on progressive issues like rental protections, bail reform, and climate change. 

It all leads one to wonder if that was actually the point. 

Here are some more links to start your manic Monday! 

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