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The State of New York

NYC Asks Landlords of Unlicensed Weed Shops to Do Their Dirty Work for Them

While trying to avoid recriminalizing weed sales, the City is taking steps to crack down on new unlicensed shops.

Will Governor Hochul Go to War With Her Own Party to Save Her Judicial Nominee?

"The more the governor doubled down, the more it became an issue about the separation of powers."

The City Has No Idea What to Do With Unlicensed Weed Bodegas

At a hearing on Wednesday, the City Council wrestled with a central contradiction of the state's embrace of an equity-centered approach to weed legalization.

January 18, 2023

‘This Is Reparations’: Can New York Actually Make Legal Weed Work for People of Color?

Damian Fagon, the man in charge of making sure that the state rights some historic wrongs, is trying to find out.

December 22, 2022