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The Cops

The NYPD Messed With the Wrong Cyclist: License Plate Vigilante Beats Case, Vows to Sue Police

Adam White plans on suing the City and the NYPD for false arrest, and the driver for making false claims.

The NYPD Held a 28 Minute Meeting About Public Safety in Tompkins Square Park

"We're not gonna solve the problems of the world! We just want the park closed at midnight!"

November 17, 2022

NYC Public Advocate: The NYPD Broke the Law I Wrote When They Tackled and Arrested a Grandmother in a Precinct House

The NYPD is arguing that because the grandmother didn't actually record herself being tackled, she wasn't actually exercising her First Amendment rights.

November 2, 2022

There Can Never Be Enough Cops in the Subway

No amount of police can ever stem the "perception" of subway crime.

Even in Death, the NYPD Is Treating Kawaski Trawick Like ‘Just a Perp’

Three years after they killed Trawick in his own kitchen, Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis showed up late and unprepared to their own disciplinary tribunal.

October 21, 2022

NYC Promised Street Vendors More Permits. Instead, They’re Being Harassed by the NYPD

“It feels like they pick on us because they have nothing better to do.”

September 29, 2022

Why Did the NYPD Abruptly Clear Out Washington Square Park?

The party mayor's anti-party agenda comes for the City's most vibrant public space—and the unhoused people the Adams administration has failed to help.

August 23, 2022

NYPD Officer Who Brandished Gun at BLM Protesters Avoids a Trial

The City declined to represent the officer, but taxpayers are still on the hook for his bill.

August 10, 2022

NYC Gives Arrested Legal Observers a Check and a ‘Middle Finger’ to Make Their NYPD Lawsuit Go Away

The NYPD's behavior in Mott Haven was condemned in a lengthy Human Rights Watch report as a violation of constitutional rights and international human rights law.

July 21, 2022