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The Cops

María Falcon, Mango Vendor Targeted By NYPD: ‘We’re Not Hurting Anyone.’

Her response to Mayor Adams's dire warnings about propane tanks on the subway: "We're not going to barbecue."

May 10, 2022

A Grandmother Needed Paperwork For a Glucose Monitor. The NYPD Broke Her Arm.

An ugly encounter in a Brooklyn stationhouse is setting off a new legal battle over filming the police.

May 9, 2022

NYPD Detectives Made a $2 Million Mess. Why Is the Queens DA Still Relying on Them for a High-Profile Murder Trial?

Two detectives that led the Prakash Churaman investigation allegedly withheld evidence in another case, keeping two innocent men on Rikers for years, and costing taxpayers millions.

NYPD’s Stonewalling Attorney Called Out for Lying and Forging Emails

The senior City attorney, who was fired Friday, had been fighting the civil rights lawsuits filed after the 2020 protests.

May 2, 2022