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The HarperCollins Strike Approaches 50 Days: ‘$45K Is Just Not Enough to Live on in NYC’

“We believe that this is our only opportunity to make real change in this industry," union chair Laura Harshberger told Hell Gate.

January 17, 2023

‘This is a False Choice’: Kristin Richardson Jordan Isn’t Sorry She Killed the One45 Development

The Harlem councilmember spoke about her opposition to the truck depot, and what would have to happen for a new housing development to get her approval.

January 5, 2023

Half-Steps and Abandonment: The Failure to Integrate NYC Schools

In “The Battle Nearer to Home: The Persistence of School Segregation in New York City,” Lehman College professor, and DJ, Christopher Bonastia looks at the history of school desegregation efforts and the reasons behind their failures.

August 13, 2022

New York Rents Are Sky High. Legislative Relief is Dead. What Happened?

Housing activist Cea Weaver talks about why tenant protections failed to pass this year, and what New York should be doing to build more affordable housing.

A Star-Studded Climate-Crisis Movie That’s Actually Good

In Earth II, mash-up pranksters the Anti-Banality Union take on ecological devastation, civil unrest, and Elon Musk

May 24, 2022

For ‘Akhnaten’s’ Soaring Countertenor, Being Nude Onstage Is Liberating

Anthony Roth Constanzo on his latest role, how he became a countertenor, and why he feels a little bit like an "alien."

May 20, 2022

India Walton on the Buffalo Massacre: ‘This is America’

"This country was built on theft, on violence, on the notion that some people have the right to exist and others do not."

May 19, 2022

Dr. Jay Varma: ‘What Discourages Me the Most is the Lack of Political Will’

The former COVID advisor to Mayor Bill de Blasio talks about what the City should be doing right now, and what to make of getting COVID three times a year.

May 19, 2022

How Rikers Island Made New York

In “Captives,” former Rikers detainee Jarrod Shanahan traces the history of New York City’s sprawling jail complex, and its centrality to New York’s brutal class struggle.

May 16, 2022