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Paying Rent

Scenes From an Open House for a $1,899/Month Little Italy Studio Apartment With a Bathtub in the Kitchen

Manhattan rents are at a "tipping point." Has it affected the market for studios with bathtubs in the kitchen?

Report: Despite What Landlords Might Say, Rent-Stabilized Apartments Are Pretty Easy to Rent

As landlords attempt to get rid of rent-stabilization forever, a peek into how easy their jobs are.

Why the Last-Ditch Effort to Pass Good Cause Failed

Lawmakers and advocates point fingers, as New York's dysfunctional government failed to act once again.

June 13, 2023

Tenants Took Over the Rent Guidelines Board Hearing

But painful rent increases are coming anyway.

How Does Gale Weathers Afford Her ‘Scream VI’ UES Apartment?

A terrifying real estate mystery might distract from all the stabbing.

March 8, 2023

NYC’s Affordable ‘Social Housing’ Is Fading

The City Council is considering a package of legislation to support building more—but would it do enough?

‘Every Lawyer in My Unit Is Drowning’: New York Civil Attorneys Strike After Eight Months Without a Contract

Attorneys with New York Legal Assistance Group, which provides civil legal representation to thousands of New Yorkers navigating the government's arcane courts systems, are striking as they see workloads increase with no commensurate raises.

February 21, 2023

What Is a Small Landlord?

The real estate lobby loves to invoke small landlords when opposing renter-friendly policies. But who, exactly, are they talking about?

February 17, 2023