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Paying Rent

NYC’s Airbnb Law Has Thinned Out Listings. But Can It Bring Down Rents?

If all short-term rentals could be instantly converted to regular rental housing, it would nearly triple the city’s number of available units.

February 20, 2024

Official Government Report: It’s Damn Near Impossible to Find an Apartment in NYC

So far, the official government position has been to do jack shit about it.

Would You Rent This Tiny Upper Manhattan Studio for $1,500 a Month

An apartment that's so small that getting out of bed would put you right in the kitchen is what's considered a steal these days.

January 23, 2024

A Private Equity Firm Bought This East Village Apartment Complex. A Year Later, Most of the Original Tenants Are Gone

Good Cause Eviction laws would have helped keep those tenants in their homes, and made life for remaining tenants easier.

October 26, 2023

Three Inches of Water in a Flooded Basement Apartment and Nowhere Else to Go: ‘It Feels Like We’re Forgotten’

Tania knows her basement floods when it rains. But she doesn’t know where else she can go.

September 29, 2023

Scenes From an Open House for a $1,899/Month Little Italy Studio Apartment With a Bathtub in the Kitchen

Manhattan rents are at a "tipping point." Has it affected the market for studios with bathtubs in the kitchen?

Report: Despite What Landlords Might Say, Rent-Stabilized Apartments Are Pretty Easy to Rent

As landlords attempt to get rid of rent-stabilization forever, a peek into how easy their jobs are.

Why the Last-Ditch Effort to Pass Good Cause Failed

Lawmakers and advocates point fingers, as New York's dysfunctional government failed to act once again.

June 13, 2023