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Locked Up

9 Incarcerated New Yorkers Got to Watch the Eclipse; For Others, It Was a ‘Cruel Joke’

"Almost everybody put the glasses on and went to the window to see if they could see it. They all wanted to see it."

April 9, 2024

6 Incarcerated New Yorkers Successfully Sue to View the Eclipse—But What About Everyone Else?

“Everything seems to come from a punitive disposition when it comes to things like seeing the eclipse. It’s like, ‘Oh, would this be something that they’ll enjoy? Let’s find a way to stop that, to take it away.’”

April 4, 2024

‘People’s Lives Are At Stake’: City Council Asks NYPD What It’s Doing to Prevent Wrongful Convictions

Top cops testified before Harlem Councilmember Yusef Salaam, who spent seven years in prison on a wrongful conviction.

February 26, 2024

New York’s Prison Labor System: ‘You Got the Slaves, and You Got the Masters’

Testifying to state lawmakers, former incarcerated workers for the state’s Corcraft program described a regime of exploitation.

February 13, 2024

In Court, Rikers Officials Play For Time and Win Again

A federal judge held the Adams Administration in contempt of court for ignoring her orders on Rikers, then granted the City a two-month extension.

December 15, 2023

Many People Are Saying: Take Rikers Out of City Control

As the court monitor reports more deception and chaos in NYC jails, a growing list of advocates and experts are urging a judge to put Rikers into receivership.

December 5, 2023

Federal Government: It’s Time to Take NYC’s Jails Out of Eric Adams’s Control

The long-expected filing comes as both a federal monitor and prosecutors have lost all faith in Eric Adams to manage the city's jails.

November 20, 2023

Rikers So Broken Even the Monitor Whose Job Is to Know How Broken It Is Now Says He Has No Idea

In a new report, the court monitor overseeing NYC jails calls the Adams administration's resistance to reform an "insurmountable impediment."

November 10, 2023

Summoned to Testify Before Watchdog, NYC Jails Chief Just Doesn’t Show Up

Is it still an oversight hearing if the agency being overseen just ditches it?

October 17, 2023