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Going Places

Going Places

Is This The End For Free On-Street Parking in NYC?

"Why should some of the most valuable land on earth be used for surface parking at a very low price?"

March 16, 2023
Going Places

The LaGuardia AirTrain, New York’s Dumbest Transit Project, Is Finally Dead

But even with a new plan possibly in place, LaGuardia remains as close and as far as ever.

Going Places

DOT: We Just Don’t Have Enough Staff to Make NYC Streets Safer

But the DOT Commissioner isn't asking for more resources.

February 14, 2023
Going Places

Data: More NYC Drivers Are Blocking Their License Plates

In August of 2022, more than 7 percent of plates triggered by speed, red light, and bus lane cameras were unreadable.

February 13, 2023
Going Places

Train Lovers Test Grand Central Madison: ‘It’s Amazing’

Yes, Grand Central Madison is late, but we mustn’t let that overshadow trains. Oh, glorious, glorious trains.

Going Places

NY Officials: Someone Should Do Something About All These Deadly Crashes

What will it take for the Department of Transportation to finally address the mortal danger on Ninth Street?

January 23, 2023
Going Places

Adams Administration’s ‘Visionary’ Idea for the BQE: A Six-Lane Highway

Eric Adams appears poised to restore two lanes on the BQE that were removed last year.

Going Places

What If We Treated the MTA Like the Essential Service It Is?

We shouldn't have to endure a "C train during rush hour that inexplicably takes 20 minutes to arrive"-like wait for subway service to get better.

December 7, 2022