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EXCLUSIVE: Is There Hair Sex in the New ‘Avatar’ Movie?

We answer the one question on everyone’s minds about “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Two Na'vi prepare to touch hair.

(Disney / Hell Gate)

"Avatar: The Way of Water" comes out in theaters on December 16. Everyone (those who saw the extended cut, at least) remembers one thing from the first "Avatar":

Many people are excited to revisit Pandora and the wonders of alien lovemaking:

So: Is there hair sex in James Cameron's new movie, "Avatar: The Way of Water?"

Hell Gate, a New York City news site that nevertheless punches above its weight in coverage of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, worked our extensive industry sources, determined to get an answer.

Now, we can be the first to report the answer to that question.

This is the answer:


From a source deep within Hollywood who has seen the film: "There is no ponytail sex scene this time around, sadly."

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