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Neil deMause

Neil deMause has written for the Village Voice, Gothamist, City Limits, Defector, and a cast of thousands. He once testified before Congress on stadium subsidies, for which he even tied his own tie.


Let the Great Mets Parking Lot Casino Schmooze-Fest Begin!

If you vision it, it might come [a private casino on public parkland].

January 9, 2023
Fresh Hell

Sure Seems Like These Job Postings Aren’t Complying With NYC’s New Salary Transparency Law

The price of fixing information asymmetry and wage gaps is eternal vigilance.

November 2, 2022
The State of New York

Madison Square Garden and Hudson Yards: Match Made in Hell or So Crazy It Just Might Work?

What would it cost to undo one of the city's great historical mistakes? And is it even worth it?

August 8, 2022
The State of New York

Governor Hochul’s Backroom Stadium Deal Happened Because New York Sucks At Democracy

New York's lack of any voter referendum tools makes it easy for politicians to shovel public money on megarich NFL owners.

May 10, 2022