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Finally: It’ll Cost $15 to Drive into Lower Manhattan

Details of the congestion pricing plan, and other links to start your day.

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The New Corona Plaza Market Doesn’t Seem Like Much of a Market At All

Vendors say the City's new vision for the plaza "feels like a slap in the face." Plus, more of Wednesday's links.

With NYC in a Housing Crisis, Adams Administration Takes Bold Step of Removing Bureaucratic Hurdles So Developers Can Build More Casinos

The administration doesn't want to gamble with a casino developer's shot at a NYC gambling house, and more links for your Tuesday.

Report: New York Won’t Meet Its 2030 Climate Goals

But there’s still a way to turn away from the abyss, if we want it.

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Wandering New York City’s Grief Corridor

The saddest micro-neighborhood in town keeps getting bigger.

Eric Adams Won’t Engage With What Everyone Knows: The NYPD Whitewashed Kawaski Trawick’s Killing

The mayor who ran on a promise to hold police accountable now doesn't want to "interfere."

‘I Just Want to Live’: Mauritanian Asylum Seekers in NYC Face an Uncertain Future

"People aren't coming for jobs or the American dream—it's a life or death situation."

Somebody Explain Fran Lebowitz to Me

Some in the crowd at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn last Saturday got to talk to the woman they felt like they knew.

What Happened to All of NYC’s Community Fridges?

Three years after the beginning of the pandemic, and as food insecurity continues to rise, many of these fridges have shut down. Why?

Former State Department Official Terrorizes Food Truck Vendor

Stuart Seldowitz told reporters he was caught "in the heat of the moment" harassing the same man on at least three different occasions.

America’s Top ‘Burger Scholar’ Opens Hamburger America in SoHo. Class Is in Session

At George Motz's Hamburger America, aficionados will find everything from the classic smash burger to regional delights like the Oklahoma fried onion burger.

AOC Talks Ceasefire, Eric Adams’s Budget Cuts, and the Biggest Crisis Threatening NYC

"When we talk about actual threats to the city, it's not the migrant crisis, it's the housing crisis, and we need to be paying a lot more attention to it." 

The NYPD Doesn’t Want the Public to Hear What They Say Over the Radio

A newly proposed law aims to maintain transparency in the cops's radio communications. Plus, more links for your Tuesday.

Federal Government: It’s Time to Take NYC’s Jails Out of Eric Adams’s Control

The long-expected filing comes as both a federal monitor and prosecutors have lost all faith in Eric Adams to manage the city's jails.

One Easy Trick to Brandish a Gun at a Protest, Get Away With It, and Keep Your City Council Job

New York City's savviest MAGA councilmember also happens to be real close to City Hall, and other links to start your day.

New York, City of Broken Clocks

Broken clocks are one more way that we neglect the public realm, make it less useful, less accommodating, less civic minded.

‘This Is Hell’: NYC Restaurant Owners Call New Outdoor Dining Rules a ‘Poison Pill’ for Small Businesses

New seasonal rules will end up wiping out many al fresco structures and decimate a program that is both wildly popular and crucial for medically vulnerable New Yorkers.

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