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Who Can Save This Hotel From This Upper East Side Brat?

He's too young to drink, but he's already mastered astroturfing.

9:43 AM EDT on August 2, 2023

(The Mark Hotel)

Since late June, protestors have gathered at the five-star luxury hotel The Mark on the Upper East Side, holding signs and chanting slogans like "The Mark helped Epstein!" and "The Mark has mice!" Patch reports that this is all a form of retaliation by Theodore Weintraub, a young Upper East Side denizen taking revenge for having been rejected at The Mark's bar and restaurant for using a fake ID. 

A lawsuit filed by The Mark, seeking a restraining order against Weintraub as well as damages for his trolling behavior, says that this saga began in 2021 when the bar refused to serve the teen, who "became increasingly aggressive" and eventually was ejected and banned from the hotel. The teen reappeared a month later with his art-collecting Upper East Side cardiologist father Philip Weintraub, who was then informed of the situation and, while his son began tantruming, reportedly said that he "understood," giving staff his business card.

Then this summer, Patch reports, Theodore has escalated his war with the hotel, hiring protestors to picket outside and hanging outside in his black Cadillac Escalade leering triumphantly at the hotel's workers. 

Workers at The Mark told Patch that the most aggressive of the paid hecklers insulted staff personally, but the more normal ones apologized and explained that "if the owner lets Weintraub back in the bar, they would stop protesting."

Read the entire wild, wild story at Patch. Dr. Philip Weintraub apparently told Patch that he didn't know any of this was happening, and that he would get his son to stop.

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