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We Made the ‘Brieghetti Pie’ You See on the Subway

Join us on this unholy culinary journey in the latest episode of the Hell Gate Podcast.

1:13 PM EDT on April 28, 2023

An unholy trinity

Yes, we did it. (Hell Gate)

By now, you're aware that those mesmerizing food recipe videos that play on thousands of screens across the subway system are literally designed to turn you, the rider, into a brainless pile of mush—a pair of "eyeballs" to sell to the highest bidder

But what if someone actually tried to make one of these recipes? And what if the result was actually…good?

NSFW. (Hell Gate)

For this week's Hell Gate Podcast, our own Esther Wang set out to make "Brieghetti Pie," a "decadent spaghetti delight," according to the videos being beamed out across our public transit system. There's an entire wheel of brie in this thing!

In addition to the Hell Gate staff taste-testing this cynical, fiendish creation, we also spoke with reporter Willa Glickman, who wrote the Hell Gate story "Here's Why You're Seeing Gross Viral Recipes on Your Subway Commute," about the psychology behind these videos, and why we'll be seeing a lot more of them.

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Gah! (Hell Gate)

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