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The 20 Hell Gate Stories You Read the Most in 2023

Talk about one Hell of a year.

11:24 AM EST on December 26, 2023

(Left: PortableNYCTours / Wikicommons. Right: Canva)

2023 was some ride, wasn't it? Hell Gate's first full calendar year of existence was when our humble little worker-owned local news website started to come into its own, from growing in size to launching big, ambitious projects. We can’t wait to show you all the things we have in store for 2024, but for now let’s run down memory lane and check out the most popular Hell Gate stories that you, our dear audience, read the most this year (in ascending order of views):

20. Don't Go to 'It's Pablo-matic' by Adlan Jackson

19. Cat Fight by Katie Way

18. Epstein Killed Himself, With the Help of a Broken and Neglectful Federal Prison System by Nick Pinto

17. Peeing is Believing: These Renovated MTA Bathrooms Are Spectacular by Christopher Robbins

16. NYC Has Left People With Long COVID Behind by Erin Durkin

15. Lower Manhattan's Internet Is Down by Christopher Robbins

14. New York Public Radio Fires 20 Staff as High-Paid Executives Refuse to Cut Their Six-Figure Salaries by Max Rivlin-Nadler

13. An Open Letter to David Simon, Who Tweeted NYC Is ‘On the Make’ Because He Got a $50 Speeding Ticket by Christopher Robbins

12. A Cyclist Tried to Stop the NYPD From Illegally Parking on the Sidewalk. The Cops Wrote Him a Summons by Christopher Robbins

11, ‘It’s Dangerous To Sign A Full-Time Lease’: These Airbnb Hosts Don’t Want People Living in Their NYC Apartments by Molly Osberg

10. The NYPD Took This Dog Into Custody Because His Owner Filmed the Police by Nick Pinto

9. Bruce Springsteen’s Diehard Fans Feel Betrayed by ‘Mortgage Payment’ Ticket Prices: ‘I Feel Like I Lost a Family Member' by Zach Schonfeld

8. Here's Why You're Seeing Gross Viral Recipes on Your Subway Commute by Willa Glickman

7. Why Is Paying for the JFK Airport AirTrain Such a Huge Pain in the Ass? By Christopher Robbins

6. New York Times Writers Call Out the Paper’s Anti-Trans Onslaught by Esther Wang

5. Inside the Cancellation of WNYC's 'The Takeaway' by Nick Pinto

4. Why Does a Plastic-Wrapped Turkey Sandwich Cost $15 at the Airport? By Christopher Robbins

3. Confusion, Shock, and the Bystander Effect on the Train Where Jordan Neely Was Killed by Nick Pinto

2. After Telling Them There’s ‘No Room’ in NYC, Mayor Adams Now Says Sheltering Migrants Is the ‘Right Thing to Do’ by Max Rivlin-Nadler 

1. Some Guy Bought the Flatiron Building and Didn't Pay for It by Katie Way

While Hell Gate is mostly subscriber-funded and not posting just for pageviews, we appreciate when you give our stories a read. Stay tuned the rest of this week for some more classic end-of-year content you can continue to click on!

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