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Morning Spew

Steal a Boat in Your Mind and Sail Away on This Playlist

And read these links while you're out there, if you have service.

(Tod Seelie / Hell Gate)

I'm continuing to update my "New New York Songs" playlist, with only new songs from artists operating in New York City right now. My inspiration this week: Juan Hernandez, a migrant from Ecuador who stole a privately owned fireboat and a sailboat for a late-night joyride on the Hudson. The New York Post's commenters are calling for him to be literally summarily executed for that, but they're always doing that, and anyway, here at Hell Gate, we have level heads that can recognize an awesome thing when we see it. If you feel like stealing a boat and vibing, here are some songs you can listen to while doing so, and you can see all of the artists performing in the city when you come ashore.

In case you're wondering what's going on with the quote-unquote "Indie Sleaze Revival" (people I talk to always say how much they dislike that name, but this scene has made its bed, sorry) that seemed so central to the city's music scene a couple of years ago, there's a new crop of 20-somethings trying to write fleeting feelings onto eternal mp3s. Of these, one of my favorites is "Jane Goodall," a solo bid from the band Michelle's Sofia D'Angelo. In the verses, she "sits back" like the titular primatologist, sing-talking about a faceless party, until she ascends for a chorus where she's "climbing a fire escape over Houston." "Is it gonna be like this forever?" she asks. Of course not!

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, we are still doing post-punk. The stalwarts in GIFT typically lean a little more goth, but they sound as good as any synth-toting outfit in Kings County on "Wish Me Away," the lead single from their upcoming, to-be-announced album from Captured Tracks. They sound glossier than ever before, with TJ Freda's silky dream pop vocals locked in over a groove that melts into a stadium-sized bridge. Cute!

"Ain't from New York, but I'll show you the town," says MIKE on the lead single from his excellent joint mixtape with Brooklyn producer Tony Seltzer, but he's being modest. One of the major exports from New York's "abstract rap" scene (again, you don't get to choose your scene's name, that's just the game), the question about MIKE has always been how he will match his gnarly, morose style to a glossier production. Here's a potential answer, a team-up with MIKE's mentor Earl Sweatshirt that's as ready for the car speakers as any drill cut. 

Follow the playlist and keep checking along to keep up with the best new sounds in the city.

Adlan Jackson

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