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Thursdays Are For Solving Spooky Scatological Mysteries

Did a Halloween cover band actually make a mess of things, and other stories to start your day.

A beautiful fall surf day in the Rockaways. (Hell Gate)

On Sunday night, at the Knockdown Center’s fantastic Haunted Hop Spooktacular, a musician in a Black Sabbath Cover Band allegedly performed a terrifyingly accurate homage to G.G. Allin, the New York City punk rock musician infamous for his scatological behavior onstage. Hell Gate contributor Kate Mooney, who was there, filed this important investigation:

At the Haunted Hop there’s an entire room, the Electric Funeral Parlor, dedicated to Black Sabbath cover bands. Yet this one in particular apparently switched gears and pulled a G.G. Allin, a punk rocker notorious for shitting during sets. 

Alerted by my boyfriend, (dressed as Bret “the Hitman” Hart), I headed to the Sabbath room for on-the-scene reporting. We sniffed the air, which certainly smelled ripe, but not strictly poop-like?

By night’s end, we were still in the dark. Who was the poopertrator? Was this typical Halloween shenanigans, or something more vile and sinister?

Tuesday morning, I found out the band-in-question was C.T. Hustle and the Muscle. To seemingly complicate things, this video footage emerged.

Stories on the band’s Instagram account allude to the defecation: “Just before the shit went down…” over a shot of lead singer C.T., prostrate in only undies and cowboy boots; and a generic band pic captioned “I did it.”

When I messaged C.T., he simply responded, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” But, a fan who witnessed the event firsthand, from squat to drop, answered my questions over DM. 

“Still trying to wrap my head around what happened,” messaged Reja, who attended the performance. “The second I saw [C.T.] strip down and then tug down his underwear, I was like, ‘Oh boy.’ I will have that image burned to my memory for a long time.” 

Ok, but was the poop real or not? 

“So then we saw someone kick the poop and it kinda glided across the floor too gracefully,” said Reja. “Not sure real poop would move that way….”

A representative from The Knockdown Center confirmed over email that “it was not real. It was a G.G. Allin performance for Halloween.” 

Jonathan Toubin, the DJ mastermind behind the event for 17 years running, said that he hadn’t known about the stunt ahead of time, but heard about it later, and after discussing it with the artist, learned that the poop was in fact fake (“as authentic as anyone else’s costume”). He added that he “hop[ed] one would come away from the experience with more interesting things to talk/write about other than whether some guy threw poop or not.”

We agree, but as an erstwhile investigative news outlet, we have to get to the bottom of stories—especially if they stink!

Ok, here are some links to start you day (feces free, we promise):

-The plan to redesign Penn Station by building several massive office towers has hit a snag: no one actually wants or needs several huge Midtown office towers

-While the very real threat of a reactionary election-denying Republican winning the governorship looms over New York, the Brooklyn Democratic Party, is throwing itself a party (and not spending any money on next week’s election). 

-Governor Kathy Hochul is locking down the important swing vote of upstate religious sects. 

-A majority of the City Council is calling out Mayor Adams on his proposal to allow large landlords off the hook of New York’s climate law

-Giving tourists the power of personal flight over New York’s skies, what could go wrong? 

-Peak foliage incoming!

-A Political Action Committee run by a good friend of Mayor Eric Adams raised $1.3 million. Most of it went into the pockets of the man running it

-The Rangers took the LIRR to their game against the Islanders, which is pretty dope. Now take the PATH to Newark for a game against the Devils!

-The teacher’s union has held a vote of "no confidence" in a schools official, as the Adams administration continues to dismantle early childhood education in the city. 

-Eric Ulrich, the head of the city’s Department of Buildings, is being questioned possibly in connection to mob-related gambling debts he accrued while a city councilman. 

-NYU adjuncts are getting a raise after their union authorized a strike

And tonight, 500 drones will take over New York City’s skyline to promote the video game “Candy Crush.” We’ve already made our stance clear:

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