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‘Sexy’ Twins Are Haunting a UES Playground and the New York Post Is on the Case

An instant tabloid classic, and more links for your weekend.

10:31 AM EDT on September 15, 2023

John Jay Park (New York City Department of Parks & Recreation)

A mysterious pair of adult women are causing drama on a parental group chat in the Upper East Side? This is a job for the New York Post!

Today, the Post reports that Gabriela and Mihaela Modorcea, 40-year-old twin sisters known collectively as the "Indiggo Twins," have been hanging out at John Jay Park playground and freaking out parents.

What are they doing, exactly? Based on the photos sent to the group text, it appears they've been hanging out, wearing athleisure, and talking to people and their kids. The most damning allegation the Post could muster, via a "caretaker" (this is the UES), is that one of the women maybe wanted to "braid her young charge's hair and then photograph the tot—and ask[ed] invasive questions."

The title of the Post's video accompanying the story, "Mysterious 'sexy' twin women talking to kids at John Jay Playground on UES," gives away the game (it's not clear who calls the women "sexy" as that word doesn't appear in the video or in the story). The Post's story is accompanied by a total of 14 photos of the women over the years in various states of costume. The pair, who have performed as musicians, achieved some success when their song "La La La" was sampled by Jay-Z and Kanye West on "Watch the Throne" in 2011, and they've appeared on the stage and on TV over the years.

"We love to bring the purity of children to everyone around us," one of the twins tells the Post reporter on camera. When asked about parents who are objecting to the pair showing up at the park without children, one replies, "We want to tell them that being sheep without a shepherd is painful," which is either a dig at the fact that these parents hire nannies to take their own kids to the park or a part of their New Age Christianity-with-a-twist ethos, or both. The video has B-roll of the twins trying and failing to get kids to dance and play with them—basically an upscale (and free) version of how the Times Square characters ply their trade.

This is the perfect Post story in that everyone is getting what they want: The freaked out parents get a publication to pay attention to their gripe, the twins get some (mostly positive) press, the Post gets to run 14 photos of (Coors Light commercial voice) twins, and you, the reader, are entertained. 

Some more links to ponder:

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