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Nice Jump, Tyshawn

When Tyshawn Jones ollies, New York holds its breath and watches.

9:54 AM EDT on July 26, 2023

A skateboarder jumping over a white sports car on a Manhattan street.

Tyshawn Jones jumping over a Ferrari on Lafayette Street. (ZUBR / YouTube)

I like to see pro skateboarder Tyshawn Jones ollie over things. It's one of the purest joys in today's New York City. As we grimly stumble our way through the mists of social media, and in between disheartening news stories, here he comes, appearing on a Thrasher Magazine cover or in an iPhone video, hovering angelically over all of the obstacles in the way we wish we could. You may remember the instantly iconic photo by Atiba Jefferson of Jones soaring over the subway tracks at the 145th Street station in Harlem. 

Well earlier this week, it happened again: here's Jones floating like a goddamn butterfly over a white Ferrari parked across Lafayette Street in Soho, which apparently belongs to Universal Music Group's Steven Victor. 

And here's another angle, where you can drink in the cars honking angrily in the immediate aftermath. 

Whoever's in the back of that black SUV will simply have to hold their horses. Tyshawn's jumping over shit. 

I have to admit something, though. Can I be honest? When I first saw this video, I tried really hard to find it cool, but struggled. The ollie was nice, but who cares about some asshole record label guy's Ferrari and how much it's worth? (The video was captioned "$5 million ollie.") It seemed like a downgrade from the stunning feats Jones has become known for, which center his ability to reorder public space in a single bound. 

But viewed from that second angle, and hearing the crowd yell "fuck yeah" and "let's fucking go" and other, less articulate screams of delight, I've begun to appreciate the stunt. I'm not gonna be a hater like the honking black SUV. Who fucking cares? Tyshawn is jumping over shit. When Tyshawn Jones has fun, we all have fun. That's our guy. Nice jump, Tyshawn.

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(Photo: ZUBR / Youtube)

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