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Subway Series Quiz: Is This a Yankees Fan or a Mets Fan?

Can you spot the differences?

Two very different fans of two very different teams. (Scott Lynch)

It’s been a truly delightful summer for New York City baseball. Both the Mets and the Yankees rode into their first series of the year leading their divisions, and with sky-high aspirations for the postseason. (The Mets took both games in dramatic fashion.)

But is their place in the standings the only thing they have in common? Are Yankees fans all front-running braggarts who whine when the team fails to win a World Series? Are Mets fans all star-crossed dreamers who secretly love defeat? And how does this all bleed over into their lives and interests outside of baseball? 

Hell Gate is proud to present a highly scientific inquiry into the minds of Mets and Yankees fans, where, with the help of a giant beach towel with a painting of fish on it, we find out just what makes a Mets or Yankees fan. And can you tell the difference?

Keep scrolling down for all the answers!

(Scott Lynch)
Evan, 30

Long Island

Last concert attended? Matt & Kim

Favorite ice cream? Pistachio

How did you become a baseball fan? Playing Little League with friends. 

So, reader, which is it—is Evan a fan of the Mets or a Yankees fan?

(Scott Lynch)

Da Mets baby, love da Mets! Evan, he loves those New York Metropolitans. 

Next up....

(Scott Lynch)
Terrence, 41

College Point, Queens

Favorite food? Steak

Favorite restaurant? Outback

Giants or Jets? Jets

“Ya Gotta Believe” or the Bronx Bombers, which is it?

(Scott Lynch)

Oh, wow, curveball! Terrence is from Queens, but his heart is in the South Bronx.


(Scott Lynch)
Andrea, 53

Merrick, Long Island

Last concert? Elton John, two days ago. 

How’d you get into baseball? The people I used to babysit for loved baseball, so I just started watching it with them.

Favorite beach? Point Lookout

What do you think? Tom Seaver or Whitey Ford? Jorge Posada or Mike Piazza? Which team does she root for?

(Scott Lynch)

The Amazin’ Mets, obviously. Long Island appears, at least as far as Nassau County, to be strictly Mets county. 

Batter up!

(Scott Lynch)
Rebekah, 23


Last concert? A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Giants or Jets? Jets

How’d you become a baseball fan? I would watch the games on WPIX/MY9 [Ed. note: We’re not giving away which, you cheaters.] 

Favorite place in New York? The High Line

Oh wow, Brooklyn, former home of the Dodgers. Does Rebekah keep it National League or does she root for the continentally-based Yankees?

(Scott Lynch)


Now batting...

(Scott Lynch)
Dylan, 25


Last concert? Kesha

How did you become a baseball fan? I followed it on and off growing up, but didn’t really become a big fan until college, when I began to follow it more closely to stay connected to back home while I was away. 

Favorite ice cream? Can I say sorbet? 

Giants or Jets? Jets

So does this Queens kid break rank or is he Mets all the way? 

(Scott Lynch)

M-E-T-S, Mets, Mets, Mets, also he likes the Jets. This is an easy one, as western Queens people are just sick for their beloved Mets. They want a championship parade down Roosevelt Avenue! 


(Scott Lynch)
Rich, 57


Favorite food to get at the ballgame? The sausage and peppers.

Last concert you attended? Paul McCartney

Giants or Jets? Jets

Favorite Ice Cream? Vanilla

Is Rich about to pull a Curtis Granderson and play for both the Yankees and Mets? Or is his devotion solely for one team? Let’s find out!

(Scott Lynch)

He’s always ready to meet the Mets, meet the Mets, Rich is extremely ready to step right up and greet the Mets. East Side, West Side, everybody’s going to see the Mets, with Rich. 

Next contestant....

(Scott Lynch)
Julio, 31

Teaneck, NJ

Favorite food to get at the ballgame? Dippin' Dots

Last concert attended? Kid Cudi in Asbury Park

Giants or Jets? Giants

Favorite ice cream? Cookies and cream

New Jersey, a land with only a hockey team left. Oh and also two football teams, but those are from “New York.” So which way, NJ???

(Scott Lynch)

The Bronx Bombers, for sure. Find me a Mets fan in the Jersey suburbs, I dare you!

Next batter up!

(Scott Lynch)
Jane, 21


Last concert? Harry Styles 

Favorite food at a baseball game? Nachos

Favorite place in New York City? Central Park

Favorite ice cream? Anything at the Lemon Ice King of Corona.

Jane, the queen of Corona, also told us her favorite subway line is the 7 train. I think you know where this is going. 

(Scott Lynch)

Bobby Bonilla Day is observed in this household.

Coming around third, we're almost home!

(Scott Lynch)
Kerri, 41


Last concert? Pink

Favorite train line? The B train

Favorite place to go in New York City? Coney Island

Giants or Jets? Jets

Brooklyn, where baseball allegiance is marked by loss and loyalty is really a toss-up. Which way, Kerri?

(Scott Lynch)

Judge. Stanton. Rizzo. Lemahieu, you want to face that lineup? No, didn’t think so. Kerri’s ready for that 28th ring. 

And we're now down to our final out...

(Scott Lynch)
Lina, 38, and Danny, 45


Last concert? Method Man and Red Man

Favorite food at the ballpark? Danny: Hamburger and fries. Lina: Shake Shack. 

Favorite Beach in New York? Long Beach

Cats or Dogs? Cats

Danny and Lina…do they root for the same team? Or is this a house divided? 

(Scott Lynch)

The melodious voices of Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, and Gary Cohen waft through their home, as Queens keeps it Mets. 

Thanks for playing! Turns out it’s mostly geography, right? Hell Gate will continue its look into the differences between Mets and Yankees fans, and will report back with further findings in the future. 

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