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Eric Adams

Eric Adams’s Son Talks Albania, Being a Busboy, and Why He Was in San Francisco With a Businessman Connected to a Chinatown Development Project

In an interview with Hell Gate, the mayor's son, Jordan Coleman, answers these questions.

Mayor Eric Adams attends Opening Day for the New York Yankees and is interviewed by YES with his son Jordan, at Yankee Stadium, Bronx. Friday, April 08, 2022.

Mayor Eric Adams attends Opening Day for the New York Yankees with his son Jordan Coleman at Yankee Stadium on April 08, 2022 (Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

On Monday, Hell Gate launched The Eric Adams Table of Success, and throughout the week, we're highlighting some particularly notable entries, like this exclusive interview with the mayor's son, Jordan Coleman. To read the full entry on Coleman, and to browse more connections to the mayor, head over to the table.

The video from this past March is a bit grainy, but the figure on stage is unmistakable: Jordan Coleman, Mayor Eric Adams's son, is helping to present an award to a Chinatown community organization in San Francisco. 

Coleman was there with Winnie Greco, Adams's director of Asian affairs, and Wade Li, the head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York, a business association that is involved in the redevelopment of the East Broadway Mall in New York City's Chinatown. Coleman, who is a rapper, had also performed at a CCCNY event in 2022.

In October, days after Documented NY initially reported on the event, a journalist from the outlet attended one of the mayor's off-topic press conferences to ask him what his son was doing at a banquet in San Francisco's Chinatown with one of his officials.

"My son does not get into my business, I do not get into my son's business," Adams replied. "So I have no idea where he goes."

When one looks at Coleman's resume, other questions come up: How did he get that gig appearing on this Albanian TV music competition? Did it have anything to do with his befriending the Albanian owner of the hotspot Sei Less, where Coleman held his album release party? Is he as friendly with the Petrosyant brothers as his father? And does he ever consider that he may benefit from his dad being the mayor of New York City?

We texted Coleman these questions, and he gamely responded. Our full exchange is below, lightly edited for clarity. For Coleman's complete entry at the Table of Success, go here.

We reached out to Coleman via text message to ask him to comment on these excursions, and he answered. The following exchange has been lightly edited for clarity. 

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