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Let’s All Just Pretend We’re at This Long Island Nightclub in 1988

"Jamz is awesome, man, it's going down!"

Orange lights inside of a dark nightclub.

(Krys Amon / Unsplash)

When I'm feeling down, there are certain YouTube videos I like to watch to cheer myself up. Lately, I've been putting on this 1988 video of the Long Island nightclub Jamz, posted by DJ Jeff Neckonoff. Jamz, Neckonoff writes in the video's description, "was packed like this every Thursday for two years straight! Music was a mix of freestyle, house, disco, new wave & open format."

"No matter which club you went to in the tri-state area in 1988, this will bring back tons of great memories," Neckonoff continues. "For the new generation who just want to see what we experienced, enjoy this crystal clear trip back into time."

In the video, you can see Jamz revelers bouncing around enthusiastically to songs like Rob Base's "It Takes Two," and throwing their hands up in glee to Ottawan's "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)."

"Can I use profanity in this?" asks one Adelphi University frat boy with a gelled-back black mullet, as he holds a microphone offered by an interviewer in a striped polo. "I'm having the best fucking time of my life here."

"Jamz is awesome, man, it's going down!" says another clubgoer in a jean jacket, clutching the shoulder of his interviewer. "I'm here with my righteous pal, sucking down a few cold ones." Later, an LED sign in front of the DJ booth flashes that both beer and shots are $1.50 a pop. What could be better? The interviewer puts the microphone in more faces, but most are too blissed out to say anything as coherent as that. 

If that video filled you with nostalgia, you should know: DJ Jeff Nec still DJs! To get that Jamz feeling, maybe book him for your wedding, throwback dance party, or your kid's bar or bat mitzvah.

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