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It’s Friday, and the Battle for the 10th Congressional District Might Not Be Over Yet

If you’re still on line, stay on line!

10:14 AM EDT on August 26, 2022

Close-up photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, the sun behind it.

(Colton Duke / Unsplash)

Election night concluded with a familiar sight for New York City’s progressive voters in the brand new 10th Congressional District—voters who agreed on pretty much 95 percent of what each of the progressives in the race stood for failed to coalesce behind a single candidate, and thus, a denim heir and former federal prosecutor with somewhat shallow support won the nomination.

So what’s this about second-place finisher Yuh-Line Niou considering taking the Working Families Party line come November, and challenging Goldman in the general? The Washington Post reported yesterday that Niou was considering it, with the assemblywoman saying in a statement, "I'm currently speaking with WFP and my community about how we can best represent the needs of this district."

On Twitter, supporters are urging her to go for it, while nimble-fingered politics-knowers are warning of what amounts to a Death Star trench-run. On Thursday evening, we finally heard from Boston's Bill de Blasio, who thinks Niou should hold off. "I don’t find that particularly productive," he said to NY1. Other Dems are arguing that all energy should go towards an equally ill-fated candidate like "I hate congestion pricing, Bill de Blasio, and Italian men who kiss other Italian men, hi my name is Max Rose and that’s the commercial" on Staten Island? Or the "bail reform is killing our communities and we did the voter roll math and I guess we're Democrats now, please don’t move here" candidates on Long Island? 

Dems should have probably sorted this out in a type of contest where people who mostly agree with each other get together and decide who makes the strongest candidate for the plurality of their communities to make sure someone they don't like doesn’t get elected. I think it's called a primary? 

Elsewhere in "La Grosse Orange…

    • Do you remember that movie that was a semi-fictionalized version of Pete Davidson’s life? Well, get ready for the TV version! With Joe Pesci (?!?!), and Edie Falco (!!!!), and of course, Davidson. If you threw Marisa Tomei into the mix….yeah, she'd blend!
    • A cryptocurrency farm on the Finger Lakes is making record profits, reports Gothamist, even as it continues to flaunt environmental regulations while appealing a decision that would shut it down for air pollution. The natural gas plant is also sucking up fish from Seneca Lake when it draws water to cool itself. All this, of course, for a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet that are inherently meaningless and worth less (to those not mining it) each day. We don't advocate violence or property destruction here at Hell Gate. But you know, we'd like, understand it if someone just…you know…etc.
    • During this sweltering summer, you might be asking the perennial question—why's it so hot on this subway platform? The answer: Because air conditioning a wide-open system is hard; the cool subway cars where the A/C is actually working are, in fact, pumping hot air out of themselves; and it would be an astronomical cost to chill the air for the three months of the year (well, now maybe more) that we'd need it. Bring one of those cool portable fans!
    • Three NYPD cops might be on the hook for $191,000 after a jury found they used excessive force on a Brooklyn man. One of those cops is former detective Ylka Morales, who claimed in 2019 that a co-worker used Santeria against her. "Not only did you poison me with food, you've been feeding male cops in [Narcotics Bureau Brooklyn North] for the past few years food you bring from home mixed with your pubic hairs and vagina fluids to give yourself power," Morales wrote on Facebook, after a positive drug test that ultimately got her booted from the force. A judge will soon decide whether the three cops must pay the nearly $200,000 fine, or whether qualified immunity will kick the bill to the taxpayers.
    • The first of several public hearings about the literally cannot be stopped, it is law, it's happening congestion pricing scheme for Manhattan was held last night. And it didn't even go past midnight! C'mon people, try harder! 

And finally, thank you, New Jersey??

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