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Morning Spew

I’m Sure the Knicks Did Great Last Night, My Cable Was Out

And some links for your Wednesday morning.

(Michael Tipton / Flickr)

After a tough, hard-fought victory in Game One of their playoff series against the higher-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers, I am sure that the New York Knicks delivered in Game Two of their quest to advance in the highly competitive NBA playoffs. 

Sadly, I did not witness the sequel to that delicious, nail-biter of a Game One, because my cable was out, and to be honest, I went to sleep at 8:30 p.m., completely assured that no matter whether they won or lost, these Knicks would fight earnestly and tenaciously, just as they had in that glorious Game One, just three days ago. 

But I knew that the ball would move effortlessly from the fingertips of Jalen Brunson to the waiting palms of Julius Randle, who would pump fake, then pass over to the corner where Quentin Grimes was waiting, who would look only momentarily toward the basket—just enough to get that hesitation from a defender—in order to quickly and deftly get the ball to the driving Brunson, who would lay it in for the easy two points. 

R.J. Barrett, even, in this vision, would find a rhythm, fighting as hard on offense as on defense, and no longer wandering like a rootless shaman, conjuring strange brick after strange brick, senselessly passing the ball to nowhere. Josh Hart—oh, he's keeping the spirit alive, vigorously defending, and, only if needed, sinking that much-desired three-point field goal. 

Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin would shake off their playoff jitters—we all can relate!

Win or lose, I'm sure that coach Tom Thibodeau this morning is basking in the glow of "effort," having watched his team take at least one of two on the road before heading home to the confines of Madison Square Garden, where, if the Knicks didn't quite take care of business this year, at least they always tried their hardest. 

This morning, you won't find me checking the final outcome by waiting diligently near a LinkNYC to tell me a random fact about NYC history (did you know Mayor LaGuardia was an Aries?) until it scrolls over to the major league sports scores. I'm sure that the Knicks did well and that in no way will I feel a deep and unsettling sense of dread already about a playoff series where the Knicks are tied and now hold home-court advantage.

All I can see, in my outcome-less visions, is swish after swish. The Knicks, baby, they're back—and they're better than ever. [Editor's Note: The Knicks lost by 27 points.]

(Photo credit: Michael Tipton / Flickr)

And now for some winning links:

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