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It Is Election Day and Once More Time to Select the Lesser of Two Evils

Is this “the most important election ever” ever? And other links to start your day.

A keen canine election observer. (Hell Gate)

A lot can change in a pretty short time. Instead of COVID-savior Andrew Cuomo barreling towards an inevitable fourth term, it’s upstate’s Kathy Hochul, Buffalo Bills stadium-giver, semiconductor rainmaker, trying to win her first election as governor. And instead of Democrats pulling away in a state with more than enough liberal voters to counterbalance a reactionary upstate, it’s the Republican candidate who has some momentum—riding on the coattails of an assist from Democrats on crime hysteria. In a year where the Supreme Court struck down a woman’s right to an abortion and the state’s own common sense gun safety laws, there’s no way that New York of all places would give a vote of approval to an election-denying, hate-spewing, racist ratfucker? Right? Right? 

Well then maybe you don’t know the New York Democratic Party. While a well-run state apparatus would have used its millions to pound a lightweight opponent into the bedrock beneath Niagara Falls, New York’s Democratic Party didn’t really begin taking this election seriously until just a few weeks ago, when, to their shock, the campaign that was campaigning began gaining ground. With an $11 million boost from an aggrieved cosmetics heir, and the unhinged rantings of New York’s last remaining full-strength tabloid, Zeldin has commandeered concerns about safety in New York City to create a one-dimensional campaign focused on making sure there’s no actual solutions for the mentally ill and homeless, besides locking them up. The Democrats, in response, have essentially agreed

Given the general apathy voters feel when they are asked to vote “against” someone, Zeldin has way more of a chance of winning than he should. New York’s sclerotic party system makes upsets like this possible (just ask DSA!), and there’s no sign the local Democratic machines show much interest in changing—the status quo remains enriching themselves and their friends. With a federal government most likely divided and inactive for the foreseeable future, it will be up to New York’s own government to lead its transition to clean energy, fully fund its public schools, expand and improve its public transit, and provide enough affordable housing to make its cities actually livable. The stakes are extremely high, but until the last minute, you wouldn’t be able to tell from those nominally “in charge.”

Click on these links! Democracy depends on it!

—A PAC associated with Eric Adams, New York’s “Democrat” mayor, is giving money to Lee Zeldin

—It very much appears that a close friend of Frank Carrone, Eric Adams’ Chief of Staff, successfully lobbied to have the judge who put away Harvey Weinstein, removed from the bench. 

—New York’s new gun laws, put in place post-SCOTUS ruling striking down its old ones, are now on hold again

—Cornell University has suspended frat parties after reports of sexual assaults and druggings at recent events. 

—Twitter is still free...for now. 

—The mayor thinks Rikers is on the right path. He should speak with the families of the eighteen people who have died there this year

—Last call for Steinway-Cafe Billiards?

—A City Council bill that would allow New Yorkers to report dangerous drivers (and collect $44 per ticket!) is getting closer and closer to a vote.

—Katy Perry doing exactly what the blood moon told her to do.

—Just remember, when you fill in those bubbles…. It’s pretty much always about class, babes: 

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