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Hell Gate’s Extremely Nice Endless Summer Sale

A month of Hell Gate for only $0.69? That's nice!

Are you sad that the days are getting shorter? Convinced that Mr. Softee knows your order on sight? Get an erotic chill when you see discounted sunscreen? 

Don't worry: Summer may technically be coming to a close, but Hell Gate's Endless Summer Sale will keep the sand between your toes.

For a limited time only, get your first month of Hell Gate for just $0.69. This bears repeating: through Sunday, September 24th, you will pay just 69 cents for one whole month of independent, fun-to-read, local journalism. (Note: This deal is only available to new subscribers.)

Do not mistake us: If you (wisely) participate in this sale, you are buying an annual Friend-level subscription, but your first month will cost $0.69—an 88 percent discount off the normal price. This is a sale so patently nice, we just mentioned it thrice.

Subscriptions not only provide you, the subscriber, with a perfectly calibrated mix of cultural coverage, on-the-ground reporting, political analysis, and blog posts about birds, but it helps us realize our dream of a worker-owned, subscription funded media company dedicated to covering New York City. Nice! Subscribe!

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