So, You Want to Use Our Sexy New Website
There it is!

So, You Want to Use Our Sexy New Website

An FAQ for our beloved subscribers.

Change can be scary—but it can also be awesome. And in case you haven't noticed, we're going through a big ol' change at Hell Gate: We've redesigned our website! It now has a new and improved look and new functionality to boot. Breathe in the new website smell. Ahhhh.

What does this redesign mean for you as a paid Hell Gate subscriber? Most importantly, it means logging into your Hell Gate account just got a lot more straightforward. (Thank you, login God!) It also means we've got some new, celebratory perks coming your way—read on to find out all the details.

OK, enough with the theatrics. How do I log into my Hell Gate account on the new website? 

As you navigate around our new website, you're going to hit a pop-up that prompts you to enter the email address associated with your Hell Gate account. After you do that, you should receive an email that has a link that beckons you back to the website. And…that's it! You'll be logged in for a very long time.

So I don't need to enter my password to log into my Hell Gate account? 

Nope. Go ahead and wipe that from your brain so you've got more mental space for all of the great news reporting, cultural coverage, and commentary that you have unlimited access to as a Hell Gate subscriber (or, you know, whatever else you spend your time thinking about). Once you click the link in your email, you'll be set. 

If I log in on my computer, do I have to log in again on my phone? 

You do indeed. But luckily, it's the same process—go to on your phone and  type in the email address associated with your subscription when prompted. Then head to your email inbox on your phone, click on the link, and you've once again got Hell Gate at your fingertips—and again, you will be logged in for a very long time. Same process on an iPad (for the freaks).

Looks good to me. Now, let me get a little more information about those new perks you mentioned earlier… 

Because we're so happy with our new website and want to say thank you for paying us to use it, we're tossing in some new goodies for each Hell Gate subscription tier. Friend-level subscribers now have commenting privileges on all of our articles (tell us how you really feel!); Supporter-level subscribers will now receive invitations to our exclusive quarterly events, previously only open to Believers; and our Believers will get access to twice-a-year virtual hangouts with the Hell Gate editors, to give you a peek behind the scenes at how the magic happens. 

This is amazing news. I'm ready to pour my heart out in the comments section. How do I do that? 

Our comments section lives at the bottom of our articles (classic place for it to be), but you have to set up a little profile to use it. Click into the section labeled "start the conversation" and you'll hit a prompt asking you to add a name and "expertise" before you post. Obviously, you can have a little fun with it—but please be cool and mind the commenting policy.

The website looks great, by the way. I know you guys aren't graphic designers or programmers, so who did you work with to make this happen? 

What an astute and well-timed question, thanks for asking! Our new site is hosted by Ghost, and was designed by our friends over at Partner & Partners, with support from Outpost

Rumor has it that Hell Gate is following 404 Media's lead and rolling out an RSS feed. Is that true?

Yes—we love to give the people what they want. You can access Hell Gate's full text RSS feed here and via the handy link at the top of the site next to our revamped logo.

I love you guys, but getting too many emails makes me want to throw up. Is there a way to unsubscribe from some of them without changing my Hell Gate subscription?

You can adjust your newsletter subscriptions on your account page. It'll only hurt our feelings a little bit.

Anything else I need to know about how to use the new Hell Gate website? 

Nope! Read your little heart out, click around to check out all the cool new features, and—as always—let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at Our friends at Partner & Partners included a bunch of cool little Easter eggs, so have fun poking around!

—The Hell Gate team (Adlan, Chris, Esther, Katie, Max, Nadia, and Nick)

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