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Eric Adams

Well Well Well Someone Interviewing Eric Adams Actually Calls Out Eric Adams for ‘Sensationalizing Crime’

More longform, freewheeling interviews with the mayor, please.

(The Breakfast Club)

How does Mayor Eric Adams react to an interviewer who persistently calls him to account for his nonsense? 

The mayor sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club this week that was rare both for its length—50 minutes—and its refreshingly adversarial tenor. 

It is a matter of public record that Mayor Adams has repeatedly suggested that New York City is a very dangerous place, while at the same time, chastising others for making this same point. 

("The foundation of the public safety apparatus is dissolving right in front of our eyes," Adams said on Monday, before, minutes later, stating that anyone who believes "crime is surging out of control" is "not meeting the facts.")

Usually, no one calls the mayor out for this in real time, but attorney, activist, and Breakfast Club guest Olayemi Olurin, did her level best.

"You continue to say in this that New York is the safest big city, while simultaneously you are the one sensationalizing crime," Olurin told a sputtering Adams. ("I point out facts," he replied, before changing the subject.)

During another notable exchange, Olurin wondered aloud why Adams was more interested in talking about the NYPD officer who had been killed earlier this week, than speaking about the dozens of people who have died in his custody on Rikers Island, or about the death of Win Rozario, who was fatally shot by the NYPD in his own home on Wednesday while he was having a mental health episode.

"I don't want to take you out of context and I don't want people to all of a sudden criticize that you're being dismissive of a young man being shot and killed," Adams said, which of course, was an invitation to the New York Post to do just that.

"Mayor, that's not gonna work on me," Olurin responded.

The mayor's top communicator, Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy, seemed pleased with the results of the interview, which is great—they should let the mayor do this a lot more.

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