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New York’s Finest (Poster and Union Grifter) Sentenced to Two Years in Federal Prison

Ed Mullins, former president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, was convicted of wire fraud after skimming more than $600,000 from the union's funds.

A tweet from the Sergeants Benevolent Association superimposed on the New York City skyline at night.
(Hell Gate)

Ed Mullins, disgraced former president of the NYPD's Sergeants Benevolent Association, was sentenced to two years in federal prison on Thursday after he pled guilty to stealing around $600,000 from his union's members by filing fake expense reports and pocketing the difference. Mullins's legal nightmare began when the FBI raided his office and his Long Island home in October 2021, after which he quickly resigned from the police force.

"Your Honor, I offer these words to be placed on the record in the hope that others will learn and realize the result of what happens when good men fall from grace," Mullins reportedly told the judge before he was sentenced. "For nearly 22 months, I have been existing in the shell of the man I used to be. I live daily in a world of regret with an unforgiving soul that never seems to heal. Life has completely crashed all around me, leaving me with a great deal of time to think."

That flair for the dramatic is what made Mullins stand out in a sea of dirty, dirty New York cops—not the fact that he committed fraud as the head of a police union. Just earlier this year, ex-New York State Trooper Kenneth Wynder Jr. was convicted of conspiracy and wire fraud for stealing $500,000 in union money as the president of the Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association. Wynder Jr. committed his fraud with a little more pizzazz—according to the feds, Mullins's MO was bumping up the number on receipts before expensing things to the union, while Wynder and his co-conspirator Andrew Brown, LEEBA's "former financial advisor," were straight-up cutting themselves checks and making withdrawals from other members' retirement funds so they could go to Dallas Cowboys games. 

No, it was Mullins's way with words—and mastery of acting batshit insane online—that put him in the spotlight again and again (and, eventually, got him docked 70 vacation days after his home was raided by the feds). He tweeted Bill de Blasio's daughter's address in July 2020; flexed his QAnon mug on Fox News; called a top-ranking City health official a "bitch" and then-Councilmember Ritchie Torres a "first class whore."  He essentially made the (now archived) official SBA Twitter account into a firehose spraying non-stop, ecstatic fear-mongering bon mots about violent crime in New York City to its followers and beyond.

It remains to be seen what two years in federal prison will do to Mullins's attitude on crime. But so far, getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar seems to have done nothing to dampen Mullins's poetic vitality. I mean, "I live daily in a world of regret with an unforgiving soul that never seems to heal"? Dude. Relax. 

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