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The State of New York

The State of New York

Governor Kathy Hochul’s Beautiful Bumpass Home

Our 57th governor has extolled the beauty and virtues of New York's many lakes. Why does she own a home on this man-made, 17.5 mile-long lake in Virginia?

August 22, 2022
The State of New York

Madison Square Garden and Hudson Yards: Match Made in Hell or So Crazy It Just Might Work?

What would it cost to undo one of the city's great historical mistakes? And is it even worth it?

August 8, 2022
The State of New York

What Does Big Crypto Want From Governor Hochul and Her Running Mate?

The legislature moved to cut down on crypto mining in the state. Now investors may be bracing for an existential battle.

June 7, 2022

Albany Whiffed This One Crucial Climate Bill

There's still a few hours for the Assembly to pass legislation creating publicly-owned renewable energy facilities.

June 3, 2022
Paying Rent

‘Political Violence’: Albany’s Good Cause Fight Is Getting Weird

Protesters visited the home of a state lawmaker who opposes Good Cause. Strangeness ensued.

May 25, 2022
The State of New York

Those Mom & Pop Weed Bodegas May Be Doomed

New York is trying to have a tight vetting process for its cannabis retail licenses, while also welcoming people whose experience has been entirely outside the law.

May 25, 2022
The State of New York

Albany Problems: NYC’s Perpetual Corporate Tax Break Machine

New Yorkers lose billions in tax revenue every year to massive corporations and real estate developers. It doesn't have to be this way.

May 16, 2022
The State of New York

Governor Hochul’s Backroom Stadium Deal Happened Because New York Sucks At Democracy

New York's lack of any voter referendum tools makes it easy for politicians to shovel public money on megarich NFL owners.

May 10, 2022
The State of New York

What the Hell Is Happening at the NY State Court of Appeals?

Democrats screwed up New York’s top court. But unlike the Supreme Court, we can actually do something about it.

May 5, 2022