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Nosh Pit

Nosh Pit

The Future of Open Restaurants Is Somehow Still Wide Open

Lawsuits, more lawsuits, and a ceaseless pandemic might mean the glorious sheds remain during a steamy summer and possibly into infinity.

Nosh Pit

All the Best Knish Headlines We Didn’t Use

Behold the care and joy we put into the top of every story.

June 16, 2022
Nosh Pit

Last Call for the NYC Knish

I knew, standing outside of the former Mrs. Stahl’s, that I was witnessing the extinction of the knish, and there was one person I could blame.

June 14, 2022
Nosh Pit

What Was the New York City Crab Boil Boom?

Cracking the case of the Great Crab Wave has largely been an exercise in conjecture and vibe checks.

May 2, 2022