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Fresh Hell

VICE Management Kills Vice.Com, Set to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees

While managers got away with millions, it's unclear if laid off staffers will even get severance.

February 22, 2024

The Fight Over Control of NYC’s Lifeguard Union Reaches NY’s Highest Court

Another season of closed beaches and limited pool hours looms as union infighting continues in the state's highest court.

February 21, 2024

NYC’s Budget Watchdog: The Adams Administration Is Overstating the City’s Budget Woes (Again)

As the mayor continues to demand harsh cuts to parks, early education, and sanitation, among other services, the city appears to already be on sound fiscal footing.

Queens Groups Dare to Ask: What if We Built a Park Without a Casino?

"The full 65 acres of public parkland is what our communities deserve, not little scraps and crumbs."

February 15, 2024

NBA Refs Win Thrilling Buzzer-Beater Against NY Knicks in Houston

Jalen "Job" Brunson is doing everything he can but the NBA won't let him live. NBA Refs Win Thrilling Buzzer-Beater Against NY Knicks in Houston

February 13, 2024

Adams Administration to NYC Children: Snow Days Are ‘Long Gone’

What does it say that we now live in a world where our parked cars get snow days but our children don't?

New Body Cam Footage Shows NYPD Started Confrontation With Migrants in Times Square

"Looks like Ugly Betty, eh?" a man says, a moment before an NYPD officer pushes him against the wall.

10 Fun Facts About Soccer Before New York New Jersey Gets World Cup 2026

Here are 10 special facts we've assembled to help you know.

February 6, 2024