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Eric Adams

New Yorkers Looking to Help Migrants Are Greeted With Security, Red Tape

In the East Village, volunteers work to overcome confusion outside one of the City's respite centers.

June 7, 2023

‘Infuriated’ CUNY Law Graduates Booed Their Commencement Speaker, Mayor Eric Adams

"We don't blindly follow your authority just because you're the mayor."

Adams Curtails the Rights of Homeless New Yorkers

Fearing an influx of migrants into the City's shelter system, Adams took steps to lift laws he has long bristled at.

May 11, 2023

NYC Budget Watchdog Says Adams’s $4.3 Billion in Migrant Spending Doesn’t Add Up

The IBO’s highest-cost scenario is still $600 million lower than City Hall’s projections.

Eric Adams Says Asylum Seekers Are Going to Cost $4.3 Billion. Where Does That Number Come From?

Is Adams being realistic? Or is he using migrants to blow a “supermassive black hole” in the budget?

April 28, 2023

Real Estate Speculator With ‘Predatory’ Methods Donated the Maximum to Eric Adams

Eric Adams's campaign, flush with real estate cash, tells Hell Gate it "will review" the contribution.

April 21, 2023

Eric Adams Sure Loves His Robot Cop Toys

Luckily, these robots are weak where we are strong.

April 11, 2023

Eric Adams’s ‘Worst of the Worst’ Report Violated State Law and a Court Injunction

The mayor's press stunt last August that featured that report? It was built on hundreds of violations of the state's sealed arrest law, a judge ruled on Thursday.

March 2, 2023