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NYC’s Power Grid Is A Climate Disaster. That’s Finally Starting to Change.

Hell Gate went to one of NYC's oldest power plants to track the transformation.

April 20, 2023

Composting? In NYC? Curbside? By 2024?!

The City calls it "a new model for curbside composting." We have some questions.

February 1, 2023


Children, dogs, adults of strong moral character are all asking: Where is the snow?

January 12, 2023

Why Hasn’t Governor Hochul Signed the Crypto Mining Moratorium?

After a campaign flush with donations from disgraced crypto kingpins, a bill to ban polluting cryptomining sits on the governor’s desk.

Adams Administration ‘Loophole’ Could Let All the Air Out of NYC’s Biggest Climate Bill

A new report by the City’s comptroller finds that a proposed loophole would reduce the law’s impact by 70 percent.

Nature Has Its Way: Sand and Money Halt the Coney Island Ferry

A ferry was planned for Coney Island Creek. After spending millions on a new landing there, the City just pulled the plug.

November 12, 2022

Meet the Prickly Pear, New York City’s Resilient Native Cactus

Naturally, the prickly pear's success in NYC depends on real estate: "It’s location, location, location."

November 5, 2022

New York’s Last Umbrella Guy Faces a Storm of Crappy Umbrellas

As temperatures rise, umbrella shops are going extinct—and fixing your busted umbrella becomes near-impossible.

November 1, 2022

The Plan to Completely Transform Governors Island Faces One Last Hurdle

Given to New York City to be used for the public, a group of private interests is steering the island in a new direction.

October 23, 2022