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Liam Quigley

Adams Administration’s ‘Visionary’ Idea for the BQE: A Six-Lane Highway

Eric Adams appears poised to restore two lanes on the BQE that were removed last year.

The Illegal License Plate Covers Are Coming From Inside the Adams Administration

The Brooklyn director of the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit was driving a Jeep with illegal license plate covers and flashing police lights.

November 4, 2022

NYC’s Highest-Paid Corrections Captain Transferred Back to Rikers Island After Hell Gate Report

After lucrative freelance law-enforcement work, NYC’s highest-paid correction captain is back at work in NYC's chronically understaffed jails.

July 20, 2022

‘Eager Beaver’: For Highest-Paid NYC Correction Captain, There’s Plenty of Work Outside Rikers

Violence in NYC jails recently hit all-time record highs. Why is the Correction Department's highest-paid captain moonlighting for the federal government?

June 28, 2022