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Erin Durkin

Erin Durkin is a New York City journalist who has worked for Politico, the New York Daily News and the Guardian.

‘Betrayal, Shock, Confusion’: Despite Promises from Eric Adams, Parents Denied 3-K Seats for Their Kids

"To not get a seat anywhere is just so unconscionable. We don't know what to do."

Lincoln Center Has a Great Public Bathroom—Why Aren’t There More Like It?

"It's low-hanging fruit where these buildings already have an existing bathroom, and they could just open it up to the public."

May 10, 2024

Why 22 City Councilmembers Want to Gut the City’s Landmark Climate Law

“It would be an enormous step back globally if the council passed that bill, or any version of it."

April 16, 2024

Corona Plaza Vendors Are Struggling Under the City’s New Restrictions

The number of vendors has been slashed, opening hours have been cut, and sales are down by more than half—but vendors are hoping the plans for the permanent market will change all of that.

March 14, 2024

Most Libraries Will Only Be Open Five Days a Week Under Mayor Adams’s Budget

"It is astounding to me that we're in a situation where we are seriously contemplating losing universal six-day service."

March 12, 2024

Queens Groups Dare to Ask: What if We Built a Park Without a Casino?

"The full 65 acres of public parkland is what our communities deserve, not little scraps and crumbs."

February 15, 2024

As Cases Surge, Governor Hochul Moves to Kill State-Mandated COVID Sick Leave

"It's concerning for the business community and frankly the rest of New York to act like COVID’s in the past, when the numbers show a very different reality."

February 5, 2024

‘This Is Hell’: NYC Restaurant Owners Call New Outdoor Dining Rules a ‘Poison Pill’ for Small Businesses

New seasonal rules will end up wiping out many al fresco structures and decimate a program that is both wildly popular and crucial for medically vulnerable New Yorkers.

November 16, 2023

‘Let Them Grow’: AOC and Other Electeds Rally Against Scorched-Earth Treatment of Corona Plaza Vendors

After Hell Gate broke the story of a crackdown against street vendors in Queens, local politicians called out a broken licensing system.

August 2, 2023