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Critters of New York

The Bathtub Rat Came From Above

When airborn rodents thud into your place of naked vulnerability.

February 10, 2023

How Feral Turkeys Took Staten Island

The turkeys have now outlasted three term-limited Council members, the Staten Island borough president, one governor, one mayor, one assemblymember, and two members of Congress involved with their removal. 

November 23, 2022

Meet the Prickly Pear, New York City’s Resilient Native Cactus

Naturally, the prickly pear's success in NYC depends on real estate: "It’s location, location, location."

November 5, 2022

Is it Morally Defensible to Put Dogs in Halloween Costumes? A Brief Debate

Dog parents Molly Osberg and Max Rivlin-Nadler present their opposing views.

Bodega Cat Exonerated in Stunning Court Decision

A deli worker remains solvent and a cat remains unbothered.

August 29, 2022

Humpback Whales Are Having Too Much Fun in NYC

As sharks and humans are having a tough time in the city’s waters, the whales are going off.

August 15, 2022

What I Learned at NYC’s Rat Academy

“You’ve got to think of the sidewalk as a dining room."

Small Claims NYC: Did This Bodega Cat Beat Up a Pit Bull Puppy?

“The cat is famous, a part of the neighborhood, a mascot,” one woman said of the alleged assailant.